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Jah Prayzah "Praise Him" soldier

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As a young boy, Jah Prayzah enjoyed reading, writing and singing. While nurturing and improving upon his abilities he felt inspired to pursue his passion for music which was encouraged by many people around him who could see that it was a natural gift he carried.

He later studied in Harare and completed his ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels.

He is now a popular musician and the lead member in the contemporary Zimbabwean band Third Generation and is known by his fans as Musajo, which is Shona for “soldier” that he acquired through his signature military attire. 

We must mention that Jay Prayza's net worth is mainly attributed to his work as an artiste.

Here's a look at how Jah Prayzah keeps the masses on the dance floor with his amazing hits. 

Jah Prayzah's Age

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Jah Prayzah was born in Uzumba, Zimbabwe on the 4th July 1987. He is 34 years old. His birth name is Mukudzeyi Mukombe. Mukudzeyi, meaning “Praise Him”, was the inspiration behind his stage name Jah Prayzah.

Jah Prayzah's Family

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Jah Prayzah is the last born in a family of 5 children born to John Mukombe and Shirley Savannah. His siblings are Joe, Chamu (who passed away in 2005), Simba and Lydia. 

Jah Prayzah's wife

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He is married to Rufaro Chiworeso whom he sang about in his song Rufaro and with whom he has a son, Mukudyezi Junior and 3 daughters, Keanna, Kayla and Kelly.

In 2012 Mukombe revealed that his secret of success comes from his mother after she blessed him after throwing her a US$7,000 birthday party.

Musician Jah Prayzah and his wife Rufaro Chiworesa have welcomed their fifth child together. The couple's bundle is a special one as it's their first baby boy together. Taking to social media a very happy Jah Prayzah shared a video of him and his son having a very interesting conversation.

Jah Prayzah's Career 

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Jah Prayzah is not simply the musician that millions love and adore, but he is also a philanthropist, author, brand ambassador and artist manager. He started composing music in his earlier years as a high school student and recorded dancehall and reggae music with his friends. 

His music career took off in 2005 and by 2007 he had released his first commercial album, Sungano

His band Third Generation have popular Albums like Sungano Yerudo and Mdhara Vachauya. Some of his other albums are Chitubu, Kutonga Kwaro, Jerusarema and Tsviriyo to name a few. 

His most recently popular songs are Dzamutsana and Chikomo, both from his 2018 album Chitubu. He later recorded contemporary music and afro jazztracks with DJ Thando and other local producers, releasing singles such as "Sorry Mama" and "Seiko".

In 2013 he released his fourth album Tsviriyo and the following year, he released Kumbumura Mhute. It was that same year that he got 7 awards for his amazing work.

In 2015, Jah Prayzah went on and opened a new studio and released his sixth studio album, Jerusarema and his most notable work was when he collaborated with Diamond Platnumz on the song, "Watora Mari". In 2018, he went on to release his eighth album, Chitubu  which features the likes of Patoranking and Sauti Sol.

Jah Prayzah is set to release another album in 2020, but the launch of that album has been shelved because the country is on lockdown and public gatherings have also been banned. 


  • 2013 - NAMA Award for Song of the Year, "Gochi Gochi"
  • 2013  - Zimbabwe Peace ambassador award[
  • 2014 - NAMA Award for Outstanding Album, Tsviriyo
  • 2014 - NAMA Award for Oustanding Song, "Tsviriyo"
  • 2014 - NAMA Award for Outstanding Male Artist
  • 2014 - NAMA Award for Outstanding Video, "Mwanasikana"
  • 2014 - NAMA Awards for People's Choice, Jah Prayzah
  • 2014 - Zim Dream Online award
  • 2016 - NAMA Award for Album of the Year
  • 2016 - NAMA Award for Outstanding Male Artist
  • 2016 - ZIMA Award for Artist of the Year
  • 2016 - ZIMA Award for Traditional Song of the Year "Jerusarema"
  • 2016 - ZIMA Award for Album of the Year, Jerusarema
  • 2016 - ZIMA Award for Collaboration of the Year, "Kure Kure" ft. Ammara Brown
  • 2016 - MTV African Music Award for Listener's Choice Award
  • 2019 - Best Male Artist in Southern Africa in the All Africa Music Awards 

Jah Prayzah Controversy

Jah Prayzah has stirred up controversy surrounding Tanya Chikuni a former ‘Miss Curvy Zimbabwe’ and who starred in one of Jah Prayzah’s singles. The two were seen posing cozily in pictures together. The images did their rounds grabbing attention on social media much to the dismay of his fans, once they had realized it was not Rufaro, his wife.

He is not new to such speculation regarding his cozying up to other women though, in 2015 images surfaced that found him with former ZIFA CEO Henrietta Rushwaya.  

However, Jah Prayzah and his wife seem to have a united front, continuing on with their promotional videos of the song Sadza Ne Muriwo

Another scandal involving Jah Prayzah surrounding women comes with a bit of a twist as the musician has been accused of being sexist. 

This follows Jah Prayzah’s song release titled Fambai Nebhora which was a dedication to the Zimbabwean national soccer team. 

The track was released a few hours prior to the Warriors Africa Cup of Nations opening match against Egypt.

A nationwide uproar from the Zimbabwean women came about on Friday, claiming that the lyrics were offensive, irresponsible and degrading to women. They feel that it should have been banned due to the objectifying nature of the lyrics. In the song Jah Prayzah says, “tovanzvenga sevarandakadzi” [we dribble them like women slaves] and later says ‘tovapfekedza pitikoti, mapitokoti [we make them wear petticoats].

The song was condemned by the Zimbabwean Gender Commission yesterday in an issued statement saying, “And this is how as a society we perpetuate stereotypes that demean women. And we model sexist values that have made the successes of Mighty Warriors largely invisible.”

Jah Prayzah’s manager, Keen Mushapaidze could not be reached for a comment on this matter.

The musician himself however does not believe that there is anything controversial about his song Nhabvu which he sang for the Warriors. Jah Prayzah adamantly stated that it was meant to boost morale and inspire confidence and certainly not to offend anyone, especially women.

“Firstly, I think you cannot have everyone loving every song regardless of the message, the song was sexualized by some people but they were lyrics to give support to the Warriors. Lyrics of the track Nhabvu were derived from the most popular songs which have been sung in high schools for years kubhora and people would actually dance and rally behind their teams. Even some of my hit songs have received a lot of criticism so people will always criticize,” said Jah Prayzah

The Military Touch Movement leader has come out defending Jah Prayzah saying that people should take note of songs Jah Prayzah has sung that actually empower women.

“I have Chengetedza, Seke Mutema and a lot of other songs I have done which empowers women so at times people must not be looking into the negatives, let's just support our Warriors,” said Jah Prayzah. 

Jah Prayzah Cars

Jah Prayzah seems to be a Mercedes man, sporting not only the Mercedes S Class but also a Black Merc. It doesn’t stop there though, he also owns a Black Range Rover that he has been pictured enjoying on a few occasions.

While rumours have been making their rounds regarding his indulgence at the cost of people under his employ like Goyeti, his former backing vocalist who has since left the group, his manager, Keen Mushapaidze has fervently insisted that their parting was completely amicable.

Jah Prayzah Net Worth

At the tender age of 34, Jah Prayzah has already raked up an approximate net worth of $2M. Sources say that his income is in most part due to his success in the music industry. 

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