EXCLUSIVE: Who Is iShan?

A Moment With The New Kid On The Block.

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Over a month ago, a storm was brewing in Zimbabwe. The squall was all about who had produced a better music video between Jah Prayzah and Winky D

But suddenly, those debating had to pause for a moment as their attention was snatched by something more phenomenal. 

It was a fresh track, complemented by some superb visuals. The name of the project was “Kure” and the artist behind it was a little known, iShan real name Isheanesu Chigagura.

We caught up with the 21-year-old and he shared with us his background and aspirations as he pursues a career in music. 

“iShan was born in Guruve and grew up in Mvurwi spending almost all of his teenage life there,” he revealed. “I then moved to Kadoma after high school and I started focusing more on my dream.”

He revealed that the response to “Kure” has given him hope in music. 

“Well obviously after Kure, it's just more fire all the way and I'm not planning to stop anytime soon. I believe music is spiritually propelled by a greater force that's why we as artists are able to change people's thoughts and feelings through music.”

But, while hope might have been restored in the young lad’s vision to be the next big thing on the Zimbabwe music scene, there was a time he wanted to quit. 

“Before Kure, I released a lot of tracks. However, last year I started considering dropping music. I had made up my mind that if Kure doesn't blow then I leave music as my profession,” he explained. 

The youngster who now hails from Chitungwiza says he expected the song to blow up when he produced it. 

“Well every single artist has an expectation towards his or her art after it's published 

Somewhere inside me, I did expect Kure to blow, but not as fast as it did. That came to me as a grenade and I'm so excited that people are loving the song and it gives me more push to deliver better,” highlighted the elated singer. 

With collaborations being the in thing nowadays in the music sector world over, one would wonder who iShan would wish to collaborate with amongst the many gifted Zimbabwean artists. 

“I would like to work with fusion 5, Winky D, Tamy and a whole lot of people in my local circle and I think it will be an exciting memorable experience.”

iShan is definitely making waves in the music industry. We hope to see more of his amazing work.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@ishan_music_official