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Ginimbi was a money making genius who left a whooping eighteen cars upon his death. These are posh cars the likes of several Bentleys, Mercedes and Bugattis which he had in different models. With such an extremely expensive lifestyle he must have been stinking rich. There were rumours that Ginimbi was in a cult and had a snake which gave him all his money. 

Just how true are these rumours? Harare businessman and social media sensation Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure died in an unusual car accident. Masses from Zimbabwe and worldwide came to pay tribute.

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Ginimbi’s wealth

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In just a year in business, Ginimbi was already driving and in two years, he got a Mercedes-Benz S Class. He pioneered Pioneer Gases, a company that fast branched from Zimbabwe to Botswana and South Africa supplying gas to commercial, public, industrial and retail sectors.

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Ginimbi’s snake

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The snake was allegedly used for rituals and word on the street is Ginimbi had to constantly feed it for money to keep on flowing. His father says he had no time for him so it was speculated that they wanted him to enjoy his money alone given his parents were poor in spite of their son being a multimillionaire. Apparently, Ginimbi sacrificed his mother and brother who died just a short while before he did. 

Word is, Genius made women sleep with his "snake" and that he foresaw his death hence bought himself a Versace coffin weeks before his death. 

According to South African author Jackie Phamotse, the other three people who died in the car accident were part of the sacrifice when the wealth rituals backfired. She said when people trade their souls for money the trade comes with loopholes and limits the amount of time to enjoy their wealth.

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What close associates thought about Ginimbi's snake?

His house help says that Ginimbi was very hardworking and rarely slept. He always had his ears and eyes open for opportunities and grabbed them without hesitation. “He never used juju, but his wealth was a result of hard work,” she said. She added that a lot of people came up with conspiracy theories about Genius’ wealth because they never saw him work. 

However, according to her, Ginimbi had set up good business structures for himself with more than seven companies running hence they did not have to physically see him working. His work was to delegate people to perform several duties which made life very simple as all he had to do was give orders.

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His ex-wife came forward to clarify a few issues during an interview after his death. She spoke on the rumours that Ginimbi knew he was going to die and that is why he bought himself a Versace coffin a week before he died. “That is not true, guys. That coffin was bought by his friend, Honourable Minister Tino Machakaire,” she said. According to these two sources, Ginimbi was the kindest man and he would attend church from time to time, sometimes even with his ex-wife. 

While he was still alive, Genius expressed himself to Acie Lumumba in an interview, “People don’t have to understand me. As long as business is doing well, I don’t owe anyone any explanation.”
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