“We Are All Responsible For This Train To Moveeeee”

Gilmore Tee is speaking out.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Gilmore Tee Moyo  | Top of The

Award winning content creator, fashion facilitator and media practitioner, Gilmore ‘Tee’ Moyo has expressed his concern about the high expectations society has when it comes to its public figures.

The Paper Bag Africa founder and creative director recently made it into this year’s Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list, and of course, every media house was queuing for an interview. Amoungst those was VOA Zimbabwe, popularly known as Studio 7, where Gilmore and Terence Mathe (co-founder of Southern Incineration Services- who also made the list) had a chat with Mike ‘Big Myk’ Hove on radio show The Connection about their achievements.

In a short Twitter thread, after the interview podcast was out, Gilmore summarized a few things that stood out for him from the chat.

“Sometimes our community wants us to do EVERYTHING & fix things that have taken decades to mess up. Why not appreciate the little effort 1 is doing in their field & STOP wanting them to be the SAVIOUR,” he tweeted.

Challenging the naysayers, he emphasized the importance of unity by reminding his them that Zimbabwe cannot be built by only a few, but by all who live in it.

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“One can only do so much & surely they are not water that spreads everywhere. The question we gotta ask ourselves is “What am I doing in my area”? It takes many hands to build, and #Zimbabwe wont be built by the 7 of us on @ForbesUnder30 ONLY, it takes each and every one of us,” he continued.

Concluding his thread, the former Standard Style columnist shared an important quote from VOA’s Nomsa Nekevane, in which she urges young Zimbabweans to request mentorship from other young and successful Zimbabweans instead of bashing them for their success. 

In case you have not heard... because you clearly live under a rock... the other 5 Zimbabweans who made the list (to make up the 7 that Gilmore tweeted about) are:

Khanyisile Madonko - Co-Founder of and Chief Executive of Sakhile Madonko Enterprises 
Kim Jayde - TV Presenter, Model & MC
Wilford Mwanza - Founder and CEO of Fordolutions
Shoriwa Shaun Benjamin - Co- Founder of Simba Solutions
Melissa Mwale - Founder of Hive Incorporation & Co-Founder of CrytoGem  

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/GilmoreTee