Malawian Star Was Close Friends With Karim & Ginimbi Tay Grin

He lost both of his friends that fateful day

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Limbani Kalinani better known by his stage name Tay Grin, is a pioneer and visionary in his own right in Malawi. Born from a political family, he chose the unbeaten path to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Where in 2018, Tay announced that he was going to contest in the 2019 tripartite elections for a parliamentary seat in Lilongwe City Centre. Although he did not win, Tay said that he will continue to focus on his music. The owner and founder of Black Rhyno, an Entertainment and Event Promotion company which helps to promote events across Malawi, is only 36 years old.

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"The day me and limumba met Ginimbi. We became such great friends right after. Today I lose you both at the same time, How?! Rest in power my Brothers"

His friends, Karim Limumba after Ginimbi, both died following their accident in Zimbabwe which also claimed the lives of two female socialites on Sunday. The late businessman and socialite Genius Ginimbi Kudungere's funeral will be held this tomorrow at his Domboshava mansion, according to a family spokesman. With a strict dress code of all-white as per his wishes.

Wanted in connection with the country’s biggest corruption scandal, Karim was a fugitive from justice after he escaped justice from Malawi and was based in South Africa as he was answering a case for the biggest corruption scandal in Malawi’s history. Karim Limumba had faced money laundering charges related to the scandal involving US$2.6 million before he escaped justice and was reportedly based in South Africa. 

His bail was revoked in January 2017 and an arrest warrant issued after he failed to attend court.

“I would like to discharge myself from this case as counsel for seventh accused person Mr Limumba Karim,” his lawyer Wapona Kita told the Lilongwe High Court at the time as he renounced agency.

“I can’t get got of him. I don’t know where he is, he is out of reach and since there is no word from him I can’t continue standing here representing him without communication when I don’t know his whereabouts,”

The government was demanding Karim’s extradition from South Africa before his unfortunate passing and because his funeral date is yet to be confirmed, Gemini Major, Tay grin and the rest of his family and friends will have to wait and mourn.

It truly is a small world, when you are rich and famous.

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