Ginimbi's House, Cars, And Lifestyle Explained

So young yet so successful

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A show that came out recently on Netflix has shed light on the glitz and glam and flamboyant lifestyle of African celebrities. 

In a continent where poverty is widespread and a  large percentage of the population lives below the poverty line, it is easy to stand out when you tend to throw around money. 

One such character would have to be the late Zimbabwean Billionaire Ginimbi.

The late Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was born in the year 1984 in Domboshava, Zimbabwe. He was the CEO of Pioneer Gas, a company dealing with gas and gas products in the southern part of Africa mainly Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

At 36 years of age, Ginimbi had managed to amass an impressive amount of wealth. 

He was famous for the all-white parties that he often hosted in some of the top clubs on the continent. He was also a lover of high fashion and luxury cars and all things flashy. 

Ginimbi was considered the wealthiest man in Zimbabwe and this was not a rumour, he really knew where to get loads of cash and spending it was not a problem either. In 2020, Ginimbi was worth $ 100,000 and the sources of his funds remained questionable up to now. 

Ginimbi’s house

Ginimbi's house and cars, source: Instagram

Of all his possessions, what stood out the Most, however, was Ginimbi’s house. The Billionaire’s larger-than-life-sized residence in his home village of Nyamande in Domboshava was believed to be owned by both him and his wife Zodwa Mkandla. 

The residence is a six-bedroom mansion with state-of-the-art finishing. It also includes a fully equipped gym and a 14-seater cinema. Each of the six bedrooms is a suite package and comes with luxurious carpeting and décor as well as king-size beds.

Ginimbi's house and cars, source: Instagram

The master bedroom also doubled as Ginimbi’s personal office. The vast compound in which the house sits also hosts several car garages, lush green gardens, all-weather basketball, and tennis courts, and a separate east wing that was designated for entertaining his guests. 

The latest addition to the house however would have to be the late Kadungure’s gravesite. The flamboyant businessman was laid to rest at his home after a fatal car accident in 2020 where his Rolls Royce crashed into another car while driving home from a party.

Ginimbi’s Cars 

Ginimbi's house and cars, source: Instagram

Ginimbi loved to show off his lavish lifestyle and he shocked his fans with his 150 million car collection. 

The most recent was a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. He also owned a Ferrari Spider, a 6 Rolls Royce, and the super-fast Bentley. 

Unfortunately, his fast life came to a quick end when he got into a tragic accident while heading to a nightclub. The wealthy businessman will be remembered for his wealth and controversies with many female socialites.

Rumour had it that Ginimbi was buried in a Versace engraved coffin at his home in Domboshava. His immediate family was quick to denounce the rumours. His fans and friends celebrated him and gathered at his ancestral home to offer comfort and condolences to the fallen star.

Ginimbi's car, source: Instagram
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