3 Times Ginimbi Has Shown His Softer Side

He loves his country.

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The business socialite is known for splashing his money in clubs, cars, houses, vacations etc. But one of the richest business figures in Zimbabwe, has a heart and a soft spot for his country. Seeing that he also comes from an impoverished background, he finds ways to give back to his country and empower the youth any possible way he can.

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Here are some of the ways the tycoon has played his art in the betterment of society. 

Celebs For Change

What started off as an initiative to change the country’s entertainment industry, transpired to become an initiative for the betterment of humanity. 

Initially his main goal was to transform the entertainment industry and make it as big as that of neighbouring countries. 

He then joined the show business full-time by getting his promoters license from the Nationals Arts Council and then proceeded to opening a nightclub. His promotion company ‘G Entertainment’ handled the performances. 

Club Sankayi was a way to draw in celebrities, not only in Zimbabwe but from Africa. These celebrities would change the scenery in the country. In a better light, celebrities started coming together to raise funds for social ills affecting Southern Africa. 

In South Africa he gathered celebrities to raise money and rebuild a dilapidated school. He held a function where celebrities pay for selfies with their favourite celebrity. He managed to raise almost R1 Million.

$40 000 for Gombwe 

Dancehall pioneer Winky D had an album launch party for his project Gombwe. Ginimbi was the guest of honour and he made an astonishing move by purchasing the first copy of the album at a whopping $40 000. 

It is the highest amount ever paid for an album launch. 

“I am trying to help our local superstars, making sure they get same support as other African artists.” He said in an interview with Bulalwayo News. 

Tomorrow’s Genius Foundation 

Ginimbi started this foundation to help empower 100 youths in Zimbabwe. This entrepreneurship programme aims targeting the less fortunate children in getting an education and skills to become entrepreneurs in the future.

They partnered with KBN which they believe is fitting to help equip entrepreneurs to prepare for the market place. Programme is sponsored and they wish to start in September. 

They are not only looking to fund youngsters but also other community projects and give them the attention they deserve.

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