Freeman And Macheso Fuse Two Big Music Genres

Macheso has been dubbed king of both Sungura and Dancehall music.

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Two artists who have managed to fuse two very distinct genres, have won the hearts of Zimbabweans, when they both featured in a music video together. Freeman who is widely known for his dancehall sound and the legendary Macheso who is famously known for his sungura sound, have both managed to draw in a new crowd.

Freeman  released his album 'Gango' last month, and has featured major artists in his offering. Macheso is also featured in the album.

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Ngaibake music video

Madam Boss made a cameo in Ngaibake.

There has been a long standing debate on whether the sungura genre is slowly fading out and being replaced by dancehall, especially after the death of the legend Dhewa in 2011, who rued the genre. Leaving Macheso with no competition but himself.

He did however, want to keep his relevance alive by openly wanting to collaborate with other musicians from different genres, specifically the dancehall genre, by asking dancehall artist Soul Jah Love to help create a new sound consisting of dancehall and sungura.

After many failed attempts, finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel, when Freeman presented Macheso with an opportunity to feature in his hit Ngaibake from his latest offering 'Gango'. The song and album as a whole has helped both musicians grow their fanbase. Their accompanying music video has received a nod from critics and the views on YouTube continue to grow.

His 12 year streak of not featuring in a music video was put to a halt, following the release of Freeman's Ngaibake video. In the video, another side of Macheso is seen as he dresses in a bright yellow summer shirt with floral print, wide brim hat and black jeans. Showing another side of his artistry and attracting more female fans from the younger generation.

Their new working relationship will definitely steer the music industry towards the right direction. And the promoters will be looking to book the 'duo' from now onwards.

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