Did Freeman Take Things Too Far?

Things didn't go so well.

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The most recognized Zimdancehall artist & Joina City hitmaker, Freeman, celebrates his birthday today. Over the years, he's won the hearts of many as he continues giving his fans the best music ever.

Besides making major moves in the industry, and having a sound that is described as a fusion of Afro Dancehall and Afro Beats, Freeman has also found himself trending for the wrong reasons sometimes. Remember when he was dragged for not supporting other artists in the industry and when he said Nigerian artists are better than Zim artists?

Despite all that has happened in his life over the years, his decision to move to Harare was the best one he made for his career. 

Freeman dragged for being selfish

Freeman kicked up a storm after posting on social media that he would not be gracing Mr. Mbare, Seh Kinnah’s birthday bash.

This did not sit well with a lot of music lovers who felt that Freeman was not showing the other artists in the industry any support. 

In his defense, Freeman indicated that he was never furnished with any details concerning the gig and that he was not available due to other commitments.

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Freeman on the Gango album launch

When Freeman, released his album 'Gango' with a launch party at the Old Hararians Sports Club, he received so many raving reviews.

The Dancehall pioneer Buffalo Souljah was one of the performers at the event and he was recommended for showing to the talented musician. Other acts included South Africa's very own, Donald, Raydizz, and DJ Iroq.

Having received so much support from other artists, the question was why couldn't he do the same for others?

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Freeman works with the King of Sungura

Freeman and Macheso got together in the studio and let's just say, they created magic. Macheso has made a name for himself in the industry who has been dubbed the king of both Sungura and Dancehall music.

For Macheso, he had had a 12-year streak since he had featured in a music video. To keep his relevance alive, he was looking forward to collaborating with other musicians from different genres. 

After many failed attempts, finally, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, when Freeman presented Macheso with an opportunity to feature in his hit Ngaibake from his album 'Gango'.

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The Freeman and Jah Signal Bromance

When Freeman released a music video for his hit 'Ngaibake,' Jah Signal used his influence to help Freeman and showed the fellow musician some love.

After congratulating him for his growth thus far, Freeman took to social media hare his gratitude for the support he had been getting from Jah Signal.

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