Frank Buyanga's Net Worth, Sources Of Wealth, Cars And Philanthropy

His money can buy happiness

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Frank Buyanga
Frank Buyanga Sadiqi is a wealthy but controversial businessman who has been named as one of the richest young people in South Africa.

Here is a look at Frank Buyanga’s net worth, his background and education, his businesses, his cars and houses, as well as his philanthropic works.

What is Frank Buyanga’s net worth?

According to several online sources, Frank Buyanga’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. He has accumulated this incredible wealth from his successful business ventures.

Frank Buyanga’s early life and education

Frank Buyanga, source: Facebook

Frank Buyanga was born on the 14th of September 1979 in the United Kingdom to Frank Buyanga and Martha Gorogodo. 

His birth name is Tawanda Buyanga but he changed it to Frank Buyanga Sadiq after his father in 2012, to allegedly conceal his identity after he was listed on Interpol’s most wanted list.

Buyanga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of North London and he also studied Theology at the Pocim College of Leadership.

Frank Buyanga’s businesses

Frank Buyanga, source: Facebook

Frank Buyanga’s net worth has been built from his successful business ventures. He boasts of an entrepreneurial career of over twenty years and is considered one of the most successful businessmen in Africa.

He began his entrepreneurial journey when he was only 18 years old and living in the UK with the launch of his first business called Summit Trading. Summit Trading dealt with agricultural products, specifically sugar. 

From the profits he made from Summit Trading, Frank Buyanga went on to establish his second business called Ferco Trading Ltd which majored in imports and exports of products ranging from vehicle spare parts to television sets and its major market was in West African countries.

He went on to invest in other businesses still in the UK including a pound shop, a garage and a mortgaging and financial advisory firm.

He moved back to Zimbabwe in 2005 to establish a business conglomerate operating in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa with interests in the construction industry, property investment, microfinance, insurance, and assurance.

He is a major shareholder of Hamilton Property Holdings, Hamilton Finance, Hamilton Insurance, Hamilton Capital, African Cell Funeral Assurance and Zimconcepts, all of which operate under the umbrella called the Hamilton Group.

Frank Buyanga’s cars and house

Frank Buyanga's Bugatti Veyron, source: Mbare Times

Frank Buyanga’s net worth affords him the life of luxury he deserves and he has a big appetite for luxury cars and big mansions.

Some of the luxury vehicles that the tycoon owns include a Bentley Continental, Bentley Bentayga V8, BMW M5, Maserati GranTurismo GT, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and a Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès, among others.

Frank Buyanga reportedly has not one but several multi-million mansions. In 2021, he put up one of his mansions in South Africa for sale. The mansion located in one of Johannesburg’s most exclusive neighbourhoods called Hyde Park, was listed for a whopping R 18 million.

Frank Buyanga’s philanthropic works

Besides living lavishly, Frank Buyanga also gives back to the community through his charitable foundation called the Hamilton Foundation.

The foundation’s goal is to support the vulnerable people in society to get basic needs. The foundation has been involved in several humanitarian drives including food and clothing donations to those in need, supporting orphans and repatriating the victims of xenophobia.

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