Events That Led To Soul Jah Love's Death

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Soul Musaka, popularly known by his stage name Soul Jah Love, was a Zimdancehall performer and lyricist who won numerous awards.

He was born in Harare on November 22, 1989, and grew up there. He had diabetes since he was seven years old and had been hospitalized multiple times.

Soul Jah Love began singing in high school and broke into the industry with the 2012 hit 'Ndini uya uya,' which spent a few weeks at the top of the local charts. For 'Best Collaboration' and 'Best Upcoming Artist,' the artist won two Zimdancehall Awards.

The single 'Simudza Gumbo,' published by Passion Java Records, was one of his most recent projects.

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Soul Jah Love death

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Soul Jah Love died at the age of 31 after succumbing to diabetes, which he had been diagnosed with when he was seven years old, upon arrival at Mbuya Dorcus Hospital.

Is there a record of Soul Jah Love having children?

Soul Jah Love never had any children. He was once rumored to have fathered a kid with Lisa Bounty, with whom he had an affair, but a DNA test proved this to be false.

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Soul Jah's Love controversy

Car accidents

In the year 2014, Soul In Harare, Jah Love collided with a Honda Fit and narrowly averted death. On the 18th of August 2016, he was involved in another car accident in Gweru. He was on his way to a show in Victoria Falls with his band. Jah Love was critically hurt, and he and three other people were sent to Gweru General Hospital.

According to a witness at the scene, the musician's vehicle lost control after the front tyre exploded.

"The car's front tyre broke, and the driver lost control near Village Lodge, around five kilometers from Gweru," said the driver.

Esau Hundura, a Gweru-based music promoter who was also at the accident scene immediately after it occurred, claimed Jah Love had been taken to Harare Hospital.
"As one of the local promoters, I just got a call from folks on the scene, and I arrived just as the boys were being brought to the hospital." Before being referred to Harare, he was treated at a general hospital."

The other members of the band, according to Hundura, are still at Gweru General Hospital. Jah Love's manager, Marshal Bimha, also known as Wadis, verified the occurrence and stated that the musician is in a stable condition in hospital.
He was supposed to perform alongside Alick Macheso in Las Vegas.

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Wife Assault

Soul Jah Love was said to have gone on a violent rampage after consuming unidentified narcotics in January 2018. He became ruthless and used his fists and an iron rod to assault his wife, Bounty Lisa.

He accused his wife of being unfaithful to him, stating she was pregnant by another man's child. Bounty Lisa, on the other hand, denied it, claiming she wasn't even pregnant and blaming his hallucinations on the medicines he'd taken.
Soul Jah Love released a song about his wife's assault a few weeks after it happened. 'Ukadenha Mangwiro' is the title of the song.

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Arrest at the Airport

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The Dancehall Chanter was claimed to have generated quite a commotion aboard a South African-bound flight at the Robert Mugabe International Airport in December 2018.

Soul Jah Love was detained for his rowdy behavior on the flight, according to Paul Nyathi, Police Spokes Assistant Commissioner.

"I confirm that Soul Musaka was arrested at Robert Mugabe International Airport for disorderly conduct after he disrupted the flight's smooth operation." Soul Jah Love could not confirm why he was being so disruptive, according to the Assistant Commissioner. "He was arrested under section 83(4) of the statutory instrument of 2016 dealing with airport security," Nyathi said.

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The dancehall star has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and this isn't his first arrest for misbehaving.

Soul Jah Love, on the other hand, has turned his life around in 2019. "I've matured now, and I've made so many mistakes over the years," he added. "Some I regret, some I'm trying to repair, and some I can't cure; it's all part of life."

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