Check Out Prophet Makandiwa's House That Is Worth Millions

The lord surely provides

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Born on the 25th of December 1977 in Chitungwiza, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is one of the most influential and richest men of cloth in Zimbabwe.

The founder and leader of the United Family International Church (U.F.I.C.) knows how to live large and extravagantly and is a good example to his flock that the God he serves clearly answers prayers.

Here is a look at Prophet Makandiwa’s house and cars that are proof of the man of God’s vast wealth.

Prophet Makandiwa’s house

Prophet Makandiwa’s house, source: Facebook

According to several sources, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s house is reportedly located in the posh suburbs of Glen Lorne estate in Harare.

The giant palatial home sits on a huge chunk of land and alongside having a number of unspecified rooms, it also has a vast swimming pool in front of it.

After photos of Makandiwa’s house went viral in 2021, critics took to social media to castigate the man of God for using his church’s offerings to build himself a mansion while members of his congregation languished in poverty.

A few tweeps, however, sided with Makandiwa and rubbished claims that he had used church money to build his house explaining that the good shepherd of the Lord was in business long before he started his church and that the house was probably built from the profits he made from his mining businesses.

Although from the photos of Makandiwa’s house published online it’s clear that the mansion must have cost millions of dollars, the exact cost of the house’s construction has not been provided by the prophet who is quite private about his personal life.

Makandiwa lives at his Glen Lorne estate home together with his wife- Ruth Makawa and their two sons- Emmanuel Junior and Victor. 

Fake pictures of Makandiwa’s house

A fake photo of Makandiwa's house, source: Zimfacts

While Makandiwa has never shared any photos of his house, there have been several photos making rounds on the internet and it’s quite hard to differentiate between photos of the real house and fake photos.

Towards the end of December 2021, a website known as flagged one of the said photos as a fake and reported that the photo of the house was in fact a computer-generated image on an American real estate website.

Prophet Makandiwa’s cars

Alongside living in a giant multi-million dollar mansion, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa also drives around in sleek cars.

Some of the cars in his prized car collection include a one-of-a-kind Mercedes Benz S65 AMG which reportedly cost an estimated $350,000 and a 2019 Lexus Lx 570.

How does Prophet Makandiwa afford his lavish lifestyle?

Prophet Makandiwa, source: Facebook

Besides being the founder and leader of one of the biggest churches in Zimbabwe that commands a huge congregation, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is also a businessman with interests in the mining industry.

Towards the end of 2014, he was said to have purchased a gold mine for Zimbabwe from a Chinese company known as Ming Chang. The deal was reported to be worth a whopping $1.3 Million and was financed by an unnamed Zimbabwean Bank.

These transactions were executed under the umbrella of a trading company known as Havillah Gold which is linked to Prophet Emmanuel by the fact that all of its board members are members of the United Family International Church.

Makandiwa is also alleged to own a huge stake in Ster Kinekor’s holdings in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. Ster Kinekor is a South African cinema company as well as the entire region’s top movie exhibitor. 

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