DJ Sbu's Dream Body!

The DJ is summer ready.

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If one knows DJ Sbu they would know that he is all about work and hustling. No time to sit idle doing nothing. He has managed to build himself a successful career as he dabbles in being a DJ, a presenter, a businessman and did we we forget, he's also an author. In 2018, DJ Sbu launched his third book 'The Art Of Hustling: Sell or Surrender' after releasing two top-sellers; The Leadership 2020 : The Beginning (2014) and Billionaire$ Under Construction (2017).

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DJ Sbu being the businessman that he is came up with a new energy drink, 'Mofaya', but this product was not certified by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). However, this did not stop the radio personality as he wanted to expand his market in the whole of Africa. In 2016, he was set to come to Zimbabwe to launch his energy drink that was going to be sold in all the Choppies outlets in Bulawayo.

His career has being going well for him, but he was not comfortable with something in his life and that was his body weight. DJ Sbu took the initiative to change all that by embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

Looking at his photos now, it's hard to imagine that his body wasn't really that great. But through his militant approach to life in general, he was able to work on his dream body.

Check out DJ Sbu's transformed body.

DJ Sbu's music career has also been adored by many house fans and we always thought he was the real Mzekezeke. When DJ Sbu posted this video of him having an interview with someone dressed as Mzekezeke, it left many with the question;  who the real Mzekezeke is?

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Congratulations to DJ Sbu on his healthy body. He truly does inspire many.

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