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Diana Samukange chats with Zimbolebs.

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Diana Samukange is one of Zimbabwe's top female artists who blew up in the early 2000s.

She started off her career in 2004 when she was still with an urban grooves group 2BG together with another artist like Blash and Shane Dingz. The group later split and Diana relocated to the UK for a while, but later came back.
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Many remember her for her songs Kumagumo Kwerudo and Mwene we Moyo. She has also performed on many big stages locally and internationally. She also has declared that she is a spiritualist and her spiritual name is Mangwenya.
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Diana took her time off her busy schedule and chatted with us on her personal life and career.

What do you think of the current situation in Zimbabwe’s music industry? Is there any promotion of women in music from the public?

We are coming from a phase where it been really hard for female entertainers to break through and break even in the industry because of stereotypes that are associated with being female. As female musicians we have managed to make noise, we have also managed to demand equal recognition and publicity as our male counterparts from the public in the music industry. I can say that the train is now moving and so far so good although we are still hoping for better.

You were one of the best female musicians in Zimbabwe, what challenges did you meet in your music journey?
I am still one of the best female artists in Zimbabwe.There are many challenges like the lack of promotion and many others that I and other female musicians have faced in the music industry. We still need to raise awareness to our promoters and to our fans that as female musicians we can equally do the same that our male counterparts can do.

Another issue is that of financial back up, the sponsors and promoters who want to come through and promote arts, focus more on male artists leaving the female artists out because they still believe the stereotypes of women not being able to draw massive crowds, but if we are given a platform to showcase our talents we are equally the same or can even perform better than the male musicians .

You came out publicly at some point that you were involved in an abusive relationship, what advice can you give to other fellow women?
About that issue I wouldn’t want to speak much about what happened to me, but I would really urge my fellow sisters who are in abusive relationships that it’s very important to weigh  and to know that your life is very important than anything else and if the relationship is abusive its better to walk away before its too late . There is more to life than being taken advantage of. There are people out there who appreciate and love you the way you are more than what would ever realise and what you are being put through by the abuser. If you really value your life sometimes you just need to say enough is enough and let go.

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Are you currently in a relationship and should we expect wedding bells anytime soon?
All I can say for now is, lets base by what has already been declared, with time I will reveal what really is going on .

How does your spiritual calling relate to your music?
My music is a sound which brings healing to the next person. I am gifted to heal people through music. My other gift is in counselling and I help people through it and my spiritual calling co-relates with my music.

What challenges have you faced in your spiritual work?
There is always an issue of stereotypes. I came out saying I am a proud African. Traditional and Religious people judge and say akuita zvechivanhu akuita zvemushonga. People should stop judging the next person’s religion before judging the next person’s religion. Isusu kuchivanhu we also don’t judge other people’s religions even zvigure chaizvo, we also don’t judge even Muslims, so I hope and pray that as a nation we will come to a point of accepting each other's religion without any judgement. I believe that God is love and God loves unity and love amongst people.

Many people are talking about Tamy Moyo ,Ammara Brown and Gemma Griffiths. What do you think of the women fraternity and unity in the music and arts industry?
They have managed to showcase their talents and have broken new grounds and they have their own unique feel in the music industry. I appreciate the fact that through their artistic work they showcased how we as Zimbabweans can blend in with the music that’s played globally. There is also hope when it comes to unity amongst women musicians.

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