Chi Mhende Bags Directing Role

Her efforts have paid off

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Zimbabwean actress Chi Mhende since she burst into the South African acting scene has been making waves with her various roles.

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The award-winning actress best known for her role of Wandile Radebe on SABC 1’s Generations: The Legacy has now added a new title to her ever-growing resume. 

Chi's performance on Generations got Mzansi to acknowledge just how great of an actress she was when her character in 2016 was revealed to be a transgender. 

The actress was delighted to portray this ground-breaking role (the first of its kind on African television), an opportunity she defines as “any artist’s dream come true and the absolute point and purpose of our existence as storytellers.” 

Chi once again turned heads and had viewers in awe following her role in Africa’s first Netflix Original, Queen Sono as SOG Director-General, Miriro Dube. 

The actress told, IOL that when she got the Netflix role, she was in the process of a career switch, but it seems life had its own plans. 

“I had been acting for some time. I had moved to Johannesburg four and a half years ago to work on Generations: The Legacy. And I was in the process of moving on from Generations. I was not wanting to be an actor. I was moving into directing/ mentorship. I was just feeling like I wanted to remove myself from performance for a little bit. 

Speaking to the publication, Chi explained how she felt about her role in the popular Netflix series.  

“For me, as a Zimbabwean woman, getting the opportunity to play this woman. I think I’ve always been able to work with very sexually extroverted, powerful and exciting characters. There is a very strict tension about this woman. She’s very straight with her hair. I describe her costume as cling wrapped. There’s something about her that feels like she is tied down even though she’s supposed to be the head and the leader.   

“I think that is going to be something exciting and realistic of what we see of our bosses and our women.   

Now, she is stepping into a new role, trainee director, a step up for herself as an actress and something she has been working on. 

Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela broke the news on Twitter that the actress is now a trainee director on the soapie gained her fame in South Africa, Generations: The Legacy.

After leaving the legendary show in March 2019, Chi began training as a multicam director under mentor Ronnie Lennox. 

Her first directorial training episode aired on Monday evening. 

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