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Billionaires don't joke

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Strive Masiwiya is a London-based Zimbabwean billionaire and philanthropist. He is also the founder and executive chairman of Econet Global, an international technology company. 

Masiwiya is famous for having delivered upward of two hundred thousand scholarships to African scholars and for supporting over 40,000 orphans across Africa through his family’s foundation.

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Despite being what many of us would refer to as filthy rich, Masiwiya in 2020 came out to say that he only owned two cars and did not see the need to own a fleet of them. He claimed to have one car in the UK where he lived and another in South Africa. 

One of the cars is a Jaguar F-type SUV worth about $45000 and the other one in South Africa is a Lexus LS500.

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Early Life

Masiwiya was born in the year 1961 in Zimbabwe, then South Rhodesia before moving to Zambia and later on relocating to Scotland. He later got an engineering degree from the University of Wales and worked briefly in the computer industry in Cambridge. 

He later returned to Zimbabwe to work for the Government-owned telecom company shortly after quitting his job and starting his telecom and electrical engineering company. 

The conflict between Masiwiya and Robert Mugabe’s government about licensing his operations in Zimbabwe led to him later fleeing the country to South Africa first and later London never to come back home. 

Econet Global has since gone on to become a multi-national Telecom company with operations in over 20 countries worldwide.

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The businessman is married to Tsitsi Masiwiya and together they have six children. Among some of his outstanding properties are two adjacent apartments he bought on top of the El Dorado Tower at 300 Central Park in New York City. 

The apartments are reported to have cost him a total of US$24.5 Million. Strive also owns several other luxurious homes in various countries including a home in London worth US$6 Million and lives in another detached residence in an exclusive private estate in Surrey.

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First Black Billionaire in the UK

In the year 2021, Strive Masiwiya became the first black man from the United Kingdom to make it into the Sunday Times Rich list with an estimated net worth of about £1.087 Billion.

He was also ranked 159th on the list of individuals and families residing in the United Kingdom.

In typical billionaire fashion, Masiwiya moves around on his limited edition Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet.

The plane costs a whooping $35 million and can accommodate up to nineteen passengers. It also has a kitchen, living room, and, two bathrooms.

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Book Collection

Last but not least on our list today is Masiwiya’s expansive book collection which he has kept in a library at his London mansion. The book collection is said to be worth over $40000 which is a fairly large sum in terms of books. 

Despite having this large collection of books, Mr Masiwiya makes it known, however, that his favourite book to read, is the bible.

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