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Image of Chatunga Mugabe
Chatunga, Bellarmine Mugabe is Robert and Grace Mugabe's second son. Chatunga has two older brothers, Robert Mugabe Jr. and Bona Mugabe, who is married to Simba Chikore.

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Chatunga Mugabe School Background 

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Chatunga attended St. Michael's Presentation Primary School for grades 1 to 3 from 2003 to 2005. Between 2006 and 2009, he attended Hartmann House Prep School, where he completed grades 4 through 7. He attended St. George's College for his high school education after finishing primary school.

However, he was unable to complete his education at St. Georges College. Kevin Atkinson, the headmaster at the time, expelled Chatunga from St George's in 2013. He finished the remainder of his secondary education at home.

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Chatunga Mugabe Career

According to reports, Chatunga owns businesses in Harare's entertainment and meat processing industries.

Chatunga Mugabe Lifestyle

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Chatunga and his brother Robert Jr. have been chastised for their Hedonistic lifestyle of excessive partying and substance abuse not only in Zimbabwe, but also in the UAE and South Africa.

After his brother failed to finish his college education in China, he and his brother moved to Dubai, where they became notorious for their extravagant spending, nightclub attendance, and brawling with other people. They were forced to flee the country.

He moved to Johannesburg to live with his brother after apparently working in Harare. According to reports, he was also encouraged to relocate in order to continue his education after completing his homeschooling. 

Nonetheless, the two brothers became notorious for flaunting their extravagant wealth and partying. They are known for their lavish lifestyle and having a chauffeur on call around the clock, as well as being linked to a number of young women. The driver would wait for their command before driving them wherever they desired.

The couple was recently evicted from the Regent MCC in Morningside, where they had been paying a monthly rent of R70,000.

The two were involved in another brawl, and their mother was forced to drop everything and travel to Johannesburg to resolve the issues.

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Chatunga Mugabe's Cars

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The younger Mugabe, Bellarmine Chatunga, now owns yet another expensive luxury vehicle.

Chatunga, who is known for his flashy lifestyle, recently purchased a new posh Mercedes sports car, which he proudly displayed on social media.

Chatunga and his friend Muvhimi display their fleet of Range Rovers. Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe, the controversial son of late President Robert Mugabe, is not stopping with his flashy way of life.

Chatunga Bellarmine, the late former President Robert Mugabe's last born son, recently dismissed claims that he has fallen on hard times. Chatunga stated in a rather terse post on his official social media account that he was far from bankrupt. The post was followed by another in which he displayed top-of-the-line luxury vehicles.

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This comes amid reports that Grace Mugabe's eldest son, Russell Goreraza, had his car repossessed by the bank, fueling speculation that the Mugabes are struggling financially.

According to iHarare, the former first family is in financial trouble after Russell's R1.2-million Range Rover was repossessed by South African bank Wesbank after he failed to pay his monthly instalments for the vehicle.

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