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Hillzy-Zimbabwean Celebrity
It's no wonder that Hillzy can use the Internet to his advantage as a skilled computer scientist. The R&B/trapsoul performer and producer, who was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in Cape Town, has created renditions of popular songs that have gathered significant popularity.

A mix of XXXTentacion, Lil Uzi Vert, and Drake's "Sad," "XO Tour Lif3," and "Hotline Bling" has over 344,000 Spotify and SoundCloud streams (a significant amount in these parts for an up-and-coming artist).

The man has gone viral multiple times in the last few years with his improvised videos. Hillzy released Overdue (The Love Mixtape) in 2018, in response to his fans' demands, demonstrating that he's capable of more than simply singles.

Hillzy just got Mr Eazi's attention. The Nigerian singer had $300 to give out to 100 African up-and-comers through his emPawa program. The package included a three-week workshop with Diplo, Mr Eazi, and a number of the continent's top artists for the top 10 winners from each country.

Hillzy didn't make the top ten that would join Mr Eazi and the gang for the masterclass, despite entering the competition. However, his song "You Are Enough" had such an impact on the Nigerian superstar that he went out of his way to find him, asked him to the masterclass, and offered to fund a music video for the song. 

Motion Billy, with whom Hillzy has previously collaborated, directed the video, which was released on Friday.

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The song is a rallying cry for women who have been made to feel insignificant. It was launched in 2016, and it became viral thanks to a Facebook video featuring a montage of several women dancing to the song. The video has already received over a million views. Only time will tell how far the song will travel with a new lease on life with a professional music video.

Hillzy was interviewed on the set of the "You Are Enough" video shoot in Cape Town. We talked about his Internet addiction, getting chastised for not sounding African enough, and his future ambitions, among other topics.

The music sensation went on record saying that it was tough for him to get into the South African Market mostly because he was not from there, he added that he has always felt like there is space for everyone to succeed in all countries but also stated that he felt like the table in South Africa was filled.

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