Ammara Brown's Powerful Message

The singer is inspirational.

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Ammara Brown is one of the most celebrated women in the music industry. Her career has shown us that she is more than just a singer; she is an activist who is against the exploitation of women and she stands for women empowerment.

In an interview with The Herald, she mentioned that on a daily basis she receives a lot of fan mail. Many of these fans tend to ask her for advice on the different problems that they face. Being the kind and considerate woman that she is, she tries her best to give them sound advice. The moral behind these actions is that anybody can  be helpful, even a celebrity; it only requires a willing heart.

Ammara Brown’s lyrical content is often loaded with advice that can steer a lost soul in the right direction. In her collabo with Chengeto titled “Wachu want” she fights the ill-treatment of women when she says,

”...I’m no one time lover soon you will discover”.

Ammara's values are clear in this line; she wants to see ALL women treated with respect, and as such these women also need to value themselves. She also shares strong warnings too: her song “Akiliz”  offers advice to women who need to watch out for gold-digging men, the kind whose appearance is so attractive that you dance to their every request.

Source: Ammara Brown-You Tube
Ammara Brown advises women to stand up for themselves and be their own bosses. She believes that when faced with a dilemma of whether to give up on their dreams and get married or to pursue their dreams and stay single; pursuing their lifetime passion should take precedence over settling down. Clearly Ammara is wise because someone who makes you to give up on your aspirations under  the guise of marriage does not value and respect you enough.

Source: Ammara Brown-Pindula
In an interview with Harare magazine, Ammara advised young musicians to not just be passionate about their music, as passion quickly fades. Instead they need to be obsessed with their music in order to succeed.  In the face of many trials in the arts industry, upcoming artists need to have a lot of dedication in what they do otherwise they will not last, she believes.

She might not be a trained counsellor, but Ammara Brown definitely gives sound advice.  It just requires someone willing to take and use what she sees befitting to her life.

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