All The Details About Patrick Chinamasa's Accident

2021 was his horrible year

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Patrick Chinamasa
The year 2021 was a horrible year, or in his own words- Annus Horribilis for veteran ZANU-PF politician- Patrick Chinamasa as he and his family lived through some of the most trying ordeals in their lives.

Chinamasa contracted COVID-19 in January 2021 and had to be hospitalized and put on Oxygen therapy for 10 days.

But that was just the beginning of his woes, later that year, the former finance minister was involved in a horrible car accident and towards the end of the year, his house was burned down to ashes.

Here is a look back at all the details about Patrick Chinamasa’s accident- from how it happened, what caused the accident, and how he survived the accident. We will also discuss in brief, the fire accident that destroyed his home. 

Details about Patrick Chinamasa’s accident

Patrick Chinamasa, source: Facebook

Patrick Chinamasa got involved in a car accident on the evening of 10th July 2021. The accident occurred near Rusape Town after Chinamasa’s car reportedly rammed into a truck that was ferrying scrap metal.

Fortunately, no lives were claimed in the accident and the veteran politician who had suffered some injuries was rushed to Rusape Hospital before being transferred to a private hospital in Harare.

“On 10 July 2021 while driving on the Rusape to Harare road about 2km from the tollgate around 6pm, I was involved in a near-fatal accident. Driving behind an old lorry laden high with heavy, poorly secured scrap iron junk loose pieces and poles, the scrap iron junk pieces and poles slipped from the lorry onto the tarmac onto my vehicle,” Chinamasa later narrated how the accident had happened.

He also revealed that the airbag in his car had saved his life. Following the impact of the accident, the car’s airbag popped out and hit him hard on his chest and the palm of his left hand, causing him immense pain. He was hospitalized for a week as doctors monitored his health for internal injuries and after the accident, he had to undergo weekly physiotherapy sessions to relieve the pain on his palm and chest.

Patrick Chinamasa’s fire accident

Chinamasa's house on fire, source: The Zimbabwe Mail

A few months after surviving the car accident, Patrick Chinamasa suffered another big blow after his house went down in flames.

Although speculations quickly emerged about the cause of the fire that had razed down Chinamasa’s house on the 22nd of October 2021 with some citing foul play and arson as the cause of the fire accident, Chinamasa rubbished the claims and attributed the fire to an act of God.

The fire accident completely destroyed the bedroom where the fire started, the main bedroom, and Chinamasa’s study as well as Patrick Chinamasa’s priceless and irreplaceable library. The fire brigade arrived just in time to save the dining room, the lounge, the kitchen and the two remaining bedrooms.

Even though the fire destroyed Chinamasa’s house alongside the family’s property worth millions, at least it didn't claim any lives and nobody was injured in the accident.

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