Tino Chinyani Branches Out

The model is broadening his horizon

By  | May 04, 2022, 11:58 AM  | Tino Chinyani 

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The Zimbabwean entertainment space is small so whenever one of our local stars does something, there is an instant spotlight on it and it easily becomes a trending topic.

A couple of years ago, Tino Chinyani announced that he would be broadening his portfolio in the entertainment industry. Although we met Tino as a model, that has not stopped the star from pursuing his other passions.

Over the years, we have seen Tino move on from just modeling, the rising star also got into television when he bagged a presenting job in South Africa.

A couple of years ago, Tino announced that he would be releasing new music and it seems like he is following through with his promises. The Zimbabwean model has been in the entertainment industry for many years and his fans were pleasantly surprised that the star is interested in making music.

Taking to his social media platforms, the model recently shared his new song with fans. The song titled No More is the lead single from his upcoming album and he now goes by the name Tino Afrika for everything music-related.

When Tino is not making music, modeling, or making his fans swoon, he spends his time with his son and their relationship is goals. Over time, Tino has become one of our favourite celebrity dads and we are for the close bond he has with his son.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@tino_chinyani

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