'Prison Is Literally One Mistake Away'

Meet Malaika Mushandu, the award-winning producer of the film Mirage

By  | Feb 20, 2023, 01:19 PM

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If there is one name you have to know in our film and the wider entertainment industry is Malaika Mushandu. She has flown our flag high multiple times already and she still continues to do so. At the age of 17, she was crowned Miss Zimbabwe and represented us at the Miss World beauty pageant. 

Her days on the runway might have come to an end but her days in the limelight continue. An alumnus of the prestigious South African film school AFDA, Mushandu has risen to become one of the best filmmakers to emerge from this country. 

She’s carried the excellence demanded on the runway to the film industry and the results are evident. Her directorial debut film Mirage, christened the “Prison Break” of Africa has won her a couple of awards and earned her high-profile nominations. 

YAZA Kenya caught up with Malaika Mushandu and spoke to her about her already high-flying film career.