Pearl Thusi Is Coming For The Trolls One By One

She gave a sizzling clapback to a troll who came after her sister

By  | Jan 14, 2021, 05:34 PM

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Pearl Thusi might be the one in the spotlight but her family is off limits. The thespian gave a stinging hot clap back to a troll who came at her sister sideways and commented on her looks.

A tweep came for her younger sister Prunella Sanelisiwe Thusi saying her beauty is insufficient and not enough to build a home with. Many beautiful women who are well off are placed under the stigma of 'slay queens' and Pearl is not one to let the bullying slide - especially when directed at her sister.

The man posted a picture of the beautiful Prunella Thusi and said, "you can never build a home with this kind of woman." This did not sit well with Pearl who resorted to swearing at the man's mother.

The Queen Sono actress basically said men who have no money love making such degrading comments about beautiful women who are well off. She took it further by saying his mother should raise him better.
Pearl's stinging hot clapback at troll who came for her sister

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