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Image of Freeman’s wife
Freeman’s Wife - How Much Do You Know About Her?
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Did Freeman Take Things Too Far?
Things didn't go so well.
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Freeman Goes Herbal
He's looking good
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Knives Out For Freeman
Let the man explain.
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Freeman To Launch His Album Gango
He is making some major moves right now.
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Freeman Gango Album Launch A Success Despite Fear Of Failure
Other events were happening on the same day
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Freeman And Macheso Fuse Two Big Music Genres
Macheso has been dubbed king of both Sungura and Dancehall music.
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Freeman Compares Zim And Nigerian Artists
He is preaching unity
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New Music Videos Just In Time For Lockdown
Jah Prayzah, Enzo Ishall, Freeman, Gemma, etc...
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Jah Signal and Freeman Bromance
Jah Signal uses his influence to help fellow musician Freeman
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Freeman Reacts To Lockdown Extension
Two more weeks of lockdown
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Freeman And Chillspot Family To Host A "Lockdown Live"
Nothing like a good time in the comfort of your home