What You Didn't Know About Trevor Dongo's Wife And Children

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Walking down the streets of Harare, you will meet different kinds of people, the truth is we differ, in class, skin complexion, height, preferences among many other things. Despite all these differences there are many things that we have in common.

For instance, humanity -at least for the most part- something else that we have in common also -at least for the most part- is the knowledge of some or even all of the work that has been done over the years by Trevor Dongo.

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Trevor Dongo has over the years managed to fashion himself as Zimbabwe's biggest entertainers and anyone who loves to party will admit that Trevor has been an Icon ever since his first introduction to the music scene as part of the young RnB and Hip-Hop musicians who came up in the Urban Grooves era.

But who exactly is he aside from the public eye? Who is Trevor Dongo’s wife? Is he even married, Ladies? Well read on to find out.

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Trevor Dongo’s wife

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Ashley Mawumbe is Trevor Dongo’s wife, the love affair between these two took the headlines after the star performed at the ZimCafe to celebrate their engagement. It was too romantic to ever forget.

Their relationship was rather rocky at some point especially after their marriage.

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Trevor Dongo Divorce / Seperation

A while back, Trevor Dongo’s wife, Ashley left their matrimonial home after allegations came to light that the star had been involved in extramarital affairs with an unidentified lady. 

She went and stayed in her parents house and returned after a while after she had calmed down. She labeled the incidents to be the “ups-and-downs” that are in every marriage and stated that every problem should be solvable.

“Even though we had parted ways, Trevor and I still loved each other and that is why we decided to work things out.
“Every marriage has its challenges but it’s just unfortunate that ours was put on the world to see and it overwhelmed us.

“Everyone deserves another chance because we all make mistakes but at the end of the day God is the judge,” said Ashley.

These events left many in awe as they only took place 7 months after the two got married, with a majority leaning towards the opinion that getting married to a superstar is a scam. Well atleast we are glad that they are back together.

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Trevor Dongo’s children

(Image | Instagram)
Since their marriage in 2017, it is still not in the public domain whether the two have children or if they plan to have.

Ashley, Trevor Dongo’s wife, was not the first woman to be with the superstar, word is that he has a son with a Chiredzi woman Talent Nhliziyo, allegations which he has neither openly confirmed nor denied.

Trevor has succeeded in keeping his private life private at least for the most part and seems to be doing quite well. But you know what they say about secrets, Five may be able to keep a secret only if four of them are dead.

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