What Do You Know About Kuda Tagwirei's Wife?

Behind every successful man is a strong woman

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Kuda Tagwirei
Born on the 12th of 1969, Kudakwashwe Regimond Tagwirei is a prominent businessman from Zimbabwe known for his vast business empire as well as his association with the political class in the country.

Over the years, Kuda Tagwirei’s name has become quite common in the papers, but very few people know who Kuda Tagwire’s wife and pillar of strength is.

Here is everything you didn’t know about Kuda Tagwirei’s wife who has been very instrumental in shaping his wealth creation.


Who is Kuda Tagwirei’s wife?

Kuda Tagwirei’s wife of many years is a woman identified as Sandra Mpunga Tagwirei. Besides being Kuda Tagwirei’s wife and business partner, not much is known about Sandra Mpunga Tagwirei.

Details about Sandra Mpunga Tagwirei’s background, education and when she and Queen Bee got married are also not available. It is also not clear if the couple has any children as they keep their personal lives very private.

Kuda Tagwirei’s wife's contribution to his wealth creation

Kuda Tagwirei, source: newZwire

There is an old English saying that behind every successful man there stands a woman, well this saying can be attested by Kuda Tagwirei whose wife has been the backbone of his rise to riches.

While many credit Kuda Tagwirei’s wealth and success to corrupt deals and connections with the big names in government, a lot of credit goes to his wife who walked with him and helped him launch his business.

After being retrenched from CBZ bank where he held a senior position, Kuda Tagwirei and his wife identified a huge gap in the fuel market where sanctions had chased away western investors. 

Sitting in a fuel queue one day, the couple decided to invest in the petroleum industry. After receiving his retrenchment package, Kuda Tagwirei and his wife jointly formed a joint venture called Sakunda which is derived from the couple’s first names- Sandra and Kuda.

After forming Sakunda in which Kuda had 54% shares and his wife had 46% shares, the couple applied for a fuel trading license but unfortunately, they did not get one that year. Instead of giving up on their ambitions, the Tagwireis leased a fuel license from someone else and kickstarted their entity.

Six months into launching their operations, Sakunda won a contract worth US$500 000 to supply fuel but since they didn’t have the money, they mortgaged their house and got the loan to supply the fuel. They went on to grow their supply and within ten years of operation, they were amongst the biggest in Zimbabwe.

Over the years, Kuda Twagirei and his wife have broadened their scope of operations and invested in other industries. 

With a net worth of between $1.5 and $1.8 billion, Kuda Tagwirei is one of the richest men in Zimbabwe and although his wife is rarely mentioned in his success journey when Kuda Tagwirei’s story is written, his wife’s name will be mentioned a lot of times.
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