Exclusive: Tino Chinyani On Finding Love With Simphiwe Ngema

He says both families are excited about their upcoming bundle of joy.

By  | Aug 16, 2020, 06:16 PM  | Tino Chinyani  | Relationships

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Zimbabwean Television pearsonality soon-to father Tino Chinyani has been a ball of happy energy since he announced that he was expecting a child with TV actress Simz Ngema. Although the two had never come out and announced their involvement with each other they are very much in love and looking forward to starting their family soon.

We caught up with him and got him to spill a few interesting tit bits about his life.
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Although he didn't want to spill too much about his relationship Tino says he is happy and his fans should understand that he needs to settle down.
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"Ladies at some point I need to have a love life, and I can't be a bachelor in my forties or fifties. This is why you see old daddies running after young girls because they are not growing up and I want to enjoy my love-life, I want to fully immersed myself on what love is," he says.

He says although he doesn't seek validation from anyone he made the decision to go public with his relationship and baby because he didn't want the issue to be tabloid fodder.

For me it's a simple thing of I didn't want to be ambush about my baby and then it ends up being on the tabloids. I want you guys to understand where I'm at in life and that I am  happy , as much as I'm sharing I put love to myself because, It is none of your business, I don't ask you about what goes on with your family and relationship and I know I am not define by what they say."

"I love my child for me its a thing of I want to nurture and grow. You were not there when we were conceiving the baby and when we were planning the future, for me what they say is what they say, the toxic energy is what I need because you are boosting my numbers," he adds.

When he is not snatching our wigs off in modelling campaigns Tino is working on his newest passion, music.

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We can't wait to see what he has in store.

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