Moira Knight Pens Diss Song About Seh Calaz

When will their drama stop?

By  | May 31, 2022, 10:22 AM  | Seh Calaz  | Relationships

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Moira Knight is still airing the dirty laundry between her and ex-husband Seh Calaz.

Yesterday, Moira shared a clip of her upcoming music video and its very telling who this song is about….her ex-husband Seh Calaz.

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In the song titled “Wasunungurwa” she sings about being beaten, being cheated on and drug abuse.

What is more telling in the video is the guy who plays Moira’s love interest. He mimics the “Mumota Muri Kubvira” hitmaker, donning his signature dreadlock hairstyle.

Moira captioned the video clip, “My brand new music video titled ‘WASUNUNGURWA’ is coming soon. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. The link is in my bio. #notodomesticviolence #notodrugabuse"

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In the video, the guy is seen taking Broncleer, a cough syrup widely known as Bronco which many drug addicted young people take excessively to get high.

Moira who has publicly accused the chanter of infidelity and having a children outside of their marriage also addressed that in the song.

“Wakanomitisa vana vevanhu, Ukazviramba pamberi pevanhu nekuti iwe unoraramira vanhu,” Moira sings.
Fans had mixed reactions about the song. Some ridiculed the song and are accusing the singer for being a bitter ex who just won’t let go of her past.

“I pray I never become a bitter baby mama. Varume musadaro so,” a fan commented.

“Ummm achiri kuda Boss Yala uyu, ko vadii kungodzokerana,” one Rudo Musaka commented.

“Uyu dai aita zveTherapy. Depression yacho haa its on a whole another level,” another fan commented.

Other fans applauded the singer for speaking up her truth.

“Well done. Say no to GBV and drug abuse. We support you,” Muchaneta Zvimba commented.

“This is so sad. These so called celebrities are busy abusing women and we glorify them. It is high time we call them out for such ills. Say no to domestic violence and kudos to you for speaking out,” Tichaona Chimhuru commented.

“Wow nice project. Surely She Calaz is a monster. Mubhanditi musadaro,” another one added.

The couple who share one child together went through a very nasty divorce in 2020 and have been battling legally about child support.

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Recently, they were in court where Moira was demanding USD$ 2000 child support per month whilst Calaz argued that it was too much since he has six other children to take care of. 

Calaz offered to pay her USD $50 but Magistrate Judith Taruvinga ended up ruling that the chanter pays ZWL$ 45 000.

Since their divorce, Moira has made some serious allegations about Seh Calaz including him being in a homosexual relationship with a South African man.

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It seems the war between these two is far from over. Since the beginning of their romance in 2016, up to now, two years after their divorce, Moira and Calaz are still at each other’s throat.

Calaz however has not been very vocal about their messy situation. He always finds ways to dodge questions pertaining his ex-wife who has repeatedly called him a deadbeat father.

The dancehall chanter has not yet responded to Moira’s song and it is more likely, he never will.



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