“Who Is Java?” - Chatunga Blasts Prophet Passion


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Yesterday, late former President Robert Mugabe’s youngest son Chatunga celebrated his 25th birthday.

In celebration of his birthday, Chatunga went live on Instagram where he shut down fans who brought up controversial prophet Passion Java’s name.

“Who is Java?  I don’t know who that is. I don’t know anyone called Java. What would I be doing with that old man? All my friends are my age. I don’t play with old men,” Chatunga responded to fans who were asking if he was hanging with Passion Java.

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His response was rather shocking considering Chatunga’s older brother Robert Mugabe Junior has been spending a lot of time with Passion.

The two’s odd relationship torched a social media storm after they both made appearances in Roki’s gospel music video called  Ndinouya.

Mugabe, who is widely perceived to be an introvert, unlike his younger brother Chatunga, surprised many with his appearance on the Passion Java sponsored track which also features Zimdancehall sensation Kadjah.

The appearance was met with mixed feelings as those who held Mugabe in high regard left disappointment at his continued association with Java.

Previously, Robert Junior had made headlines after attending a ZANU PF rally in St Mary's, Chitungwiza. Many found this move surprising, considering the manner in which his father was ousted from power by the incumbent.

Although Robert and Passion Java are cool with each other, it seems Chatunga feels differently about the prophet.

Previously, a Facebook page that allegedly belongs to Chatunga Mugabe was spotted in the comment section of prophet passion accusing prophet passion over soul Jah Love's death.

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Prophet passion java who is the CEO of passion java records was a big sponsor to the late Soul jah love.

Passion java started working with soul jah love in 2020 as his sponsor and they released their first project under passion java records titled "Simudza gumbo."
Chatunga mugabe allegedly commented under Passion’s post with some serious allegations.

"Inini ndine problem newe braa honestly inoda answers. They say wakachekeresa Soul Musaka Jah love. l need both of us on live togadzirisa and you specify ".
Translation: “I have a problem with you bro and it needs answers. They (people) are saying you killed Soul Jah Love for ritual purposes. I need both of us on live to resolve the issue and you specify.”

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It is not clear if the account that made these comments really belongs to Chatunga but he has now made it clear that he doesn’t like prophet Passion Java.

It is also reported that former first lady Grace Mugabe is allegedly worried over her son Robert Mugabe Jnr’s newfound associations with Java who is part of ZANU PF.

Grace is allegedly worried that Robert could get sucked into deadly ZANU PF fights given how his late father lost his position as party leader and Head of State.

The NewsHawks reported a family source as saying Grace is not happy with Robert Jr’s links with Java. Said the source:
“She is worried and very angry with him at the same time. The former first lady only learnt about the Passion Java, Robert Jnr links a few weeks ago and she is not happy with that. Not only Amai is unhappy about that, but the whole family.”
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