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They Are Going Stronger

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It's no doubt that Olinda Chapel and Tytan Nkomo are one of the most adored couples in the country. The two started their journey after Chapel’s marriage with Stunner failed and last year the love birds tied the knot.

Many have criticised Olinda and Tytan’s marriage with some citing that their marriage is a union of convenience and Tytan is in it for money just like Stunner.

However, Olinda Chapel who is a well-known businesswoman in the UK wrote an emotional note on her social pages during the weekend and wished her husband a happy anniversary.

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In her message, she explained how her marriage to the Mukoko hitmaker was criticised by many people and accusing her husband of being a gold digger. She also opened up that she was devasted by people who said that her marriage was a publicity stunt and to market Olinda Chapel’s business.

She said “365 days of marriage  We had it all. The good the bad the ugly. But here we are. When love is made by the heavens itself it will always be tested by the devil himself. They said we wouldn’t make it, they said he is a gold digger, they said it’s a publicity stunt We said it’s life.”

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“Well, baby I am here to wish you a happy anniversary by saying If I ever get the chance to live my life again, I would choose you sooner so that I could love you for a longer time. I will choose you always without pause, without regret. Only wishing there were enough days in forever for me to show you how much I love you.”

“In those days I will always be wearing the smile you gave me. I'm so lucky to have you as my husband. You make me feel complete from the moment you kiss me in the morning to the moment you kiss me goodnight.”
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She also hinted that the two are now planning for their second and last child “ I am looking forward to the next 365 days as we welcome our last born Happy anniversary, I love you Tytan Skhokho” she said.

Other celebrity couples that have also managed to inspire a lot of people through their love for each other include Madam Boss and her husband Ngoni Munetsiwa, Selmor Mtukudzi and Tendayi Manatsa, Prophet Uerbert and Beverly Angel and Munya and Adiona Chidzonga.

Olinda Chapel became popular after she publicised a video of herself lamenting on her relationship with her ex-husband Stunner after he cheated on her.She later got married to Tytan and the two recently received their daughter together, Nandi Ammari .

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