5 Most Explosive Zim Celebrity Breakups

It ended in tears

By  | Jun 06, 2022, 12:49 PM  | Olinda Chapel  | Relationships

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Breakups are hard and sometimes messy but when you are a celebrity couple, it is usually both. While these celebrities may seem like they have perfect relationships, issues behind closed have come out and led to pretty messy breakups. From revealing their partner’s health statuses, to headline-making adultery allegations, here are 5 celebrity couples that had nasty breakups.

Alick Macheso Vs Tafadzwa Mapako

This has to be one of the most explosive celebrity breakup that shook the sungura legend’s career. From the beginning, it was clear that Alick Macheso was in love with Tafadzwa whom he took as his second wife. He even wrote a song for her titled “Tafadzwa” but all hell broke loose when their marriage got sour. Tafadzwa alleged that their problems started when Macheso allegedly inserted his manhood into his sick child, saying that would heal fontanelle (nhova/ inkanda). This caused a rift between the two who ended up divorcing. During divorce proceedings, Tafadzwa accused Macheso of having a small manhood. This pushed the musician to request for paternity tests since he was now doubting if he fathered the two children they shared together. The paternity tests however proved that Macheso was the father which prompted Tafadzwa to demand over $7000 for maintenance. Macheso’s first wife who stood by him throughout the messy divorce called out Tafadzwa for demanding such a big amount. The two however privately came to an agreement and their divorce was finalized. Years later, Macheso penned a heartfelt album titled “Chikuru Kurarama” where he talked about his difficult divorce. In one of his song he sang, “Chero wandisiya ndiri mupenyu”

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Olinda Chapel VS Stunner 

We cannot talk about explosive breakups and not talk about Olinda. For a while, it seemed like the businesswoman was so unlucky in love. Her marriage to rapper stunner ended in tears and she even contemplated taking her own life. The successful UK based entrepreneur found out that her then husband Stunner was having an affair with a teenage model Dyonne Tanaka who later became his wife. Olinda did multiple Facebook live videos calling the rapper out for using her for her money. When the couple finally divorced, Olinda moved on to Stunner’s then friend Tytan. The two who are currently married also had their fair portion of drama when Tytan revealed Olinda’s HIV status during their brief breakup. Up to date, Olinda and Stunner throw subtle digs at each other even though it has been years since they broke up.

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Mai Titi Vs Zizo 

When it comes to messy breakups, comedian Mai Titi needs no introductions at all. She has had multiple public relationships and her breakups have been nothing short of chaotic. Her breakup with musician Zizo in particular was so bad that she claimed the chanter was a one-minute man in bed. The relationship ended because of alleged infidelity but mai titi was bitter because she felt she was the one who gave Zizo a celebrity status. Their breakup was public and very messy.

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Seh Calaz Vs Moira Knight

After a series of social media rants between the pair, dancehall artist Seh Calaz and his wife Moira Knight called it quits. Moira aired their dirty laundry and accused the chanter of domestic violence and not taking care of his family. She took pictures of their torn couches online to disgrace the celebrity. Fed up by the accusations, Calaz announced on Facebook that he was divorcing his wife. The two have since been fighting legally over maintenance. Last week, Moira released a snippet of her song titled “Wasunungurwa” where she calls out the musician for domestic and drug abuse. Seh Calaz has not yet responded to it.

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Tatelicious Vs Richard

Zimbabwe's popular transgender Tatelicious Karigambe Sandberg made history as the first Zimbabwean transgender to have a white wedding. Her marriage to Swedish husband Richard Sandberg ended in 2018 and things turned sour when Richard put Tatelicious out of their mansion which he had allegedly gifted her as a wedding gift. Tatelicious was left stranded and homeless and it took a number of people who helped her financially to get  new place.

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