Baby Shower Number 3 For Minnie Dlamini

The Jones' family went all out for Minnie

By  | Oct 27, 2020, 04:14 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Relationships

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Minnie Dlamini has been blessed with baby showers upon baby showers and this time her in-laws were involved with planning her third one.

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Mrs. Jones wrote,  "Then the Joneses said let’s have baby shower number 3!!! I spent the day with all the women in my husband’s family as well as close family friends and had the most beautiful time."

At her third baby shower, she spent time with her family and friends bonding. "All the women came together and showered me with love through their time, advice, cooking and baking Although we are from different backgrounds and cultures the family bonds are exactly the same." She wrote. "I’m so blessed to be married into a God-fearing and loving family. #BabyJones is one lucky bugger ❤️ This season of my life I call “Abundance of Love.”

The presenter got her first surprise baby shower in Durban organised by her family and her son's godmother Mam Mkhize. This was followed by another baby shower in Joburg where she revealed that she and Quinton are expecting a baby boy.

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Main Picture Credit: Minnie Dlamini-Jones Instagram Account
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