Celebrities React To Joina City Proposal Drama.

Who was wrong?

By  | Jun 08, 2022, 06:31 AM  | Madam Boss  | Relationships

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Celebrities are now weighing in on the viral video of a man who became violent when the lady he proposed to marry rejected his proposal.

ZBC radio presenter Chamvary had a sit down interview with the estranged couple who explained what happened leading to the viral moment.

In the video, a man identified as Pedzisai is seen assaulting a lady identified as Victoria and demanding his money back. The lady is seen sitting on the ground as the angry boyfriend pulled her braids which infuriated members of the public who were witnessing the drama unfold.
According to Victoria, the two were not in a serious relationship and the proposal came out of nowhere.

According to Pedzisai, the two were in a committed relationship and Victoria had entertained the idea of him marrying her. 

Madam Boss, Enchantress, Prophet Passion Java and Dj Tawaz among many others have expressed their opinion on the issue.

Prophet Passion Java 

The flamboyant โ€œman of Godโ€ said he was against gender based violence and advised Pedzisai to apologize to women.

โ€œThis is just wrong! Imagine if it was your sister being abused like that. You should apologize to all women first then apologize to that girl,โ€ Prophet said.

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Madam Boss

The award winning comedian said the issue had gone out of hand however the girl had a right to say no.

โ€œHow many times do men waste womenโ€™s time? Now people want to make it a big deal because itโ€™s a woman who has done it. She had a right to say NO if she was not ready,โ€ she said.

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The socialite seemed to be on Pedzisaiโ€™s side. She blamed Victoria for leading him on.

โ€œYou donโ€™t lead somebodyโ€™s child on like that. I literally watched this guy shed tears because arambwa pamberi pevanhu. Yes he was wrong for hitting her, we donโ€™t support domestic violence but the girl triggered him and he lacked self-control and overreacted. She triggered a reaction out of him,โ€ Enchantress said.

Yahya Goodvibes

The socialite rubbished the twoโ€™s story which she said was not making sense.

โ€œThese people are not being completely honest with us. Their story is not making sense. Maybe it is because the story has gone viral and both of them are trying to make their side right. They should give us the real story. There is no way a man can just wake up from nowhere and decide to marry a girl,โ€ she said.

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DJ Mandla

The social media personality had no remorse for Pedzisai who looked emotional as he narrated his story.

โ€œThose were crocodile tears. That guy is abusive and he is not even sorry. I have a feeling he will do it again. She should not go back to this man because he is too hostile and violent,โ€ DJ Mandla said.

Rutendo Loveness Samaz

Another social media personality who had something to say about the issue was Rutendo Loveness Samaz.

โ€œThe problem is that he was abusive. I donโ€™t care about the situation but the way he treated her was just wrong. You canโ€™t treat the woman you claim to love and want to marry like that,โ€ Rue said.

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