Little Known Details About Scott Sakupwanya's Wife And Private Life

You can win a golden wife if you have gold

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Scott Sakupwanya
Pedzisayi Sakupwanya, better known as Scott Sakupwanya is undoubtedly one of the richest gold dealers in Zimbabwe and he is also one of those gold dealers who love to flaunt their money on social media.

While it is certain that with the money he has, Scott Sakupwanya can easily attract any woman of his dreams and get her, the tycoon has kept his personal life very private and very few people know who Scott Sakupwanya’s wife is, if indeed he has one.

This article reveals  everything you need to know about Scott Sakupwanya’s wife, his childhood and background as well as his business deals that have brought him millions of dollars. 

Who is Scott Sakupwanya’s wife?

Although sources indicate that Scott Sakupwanya is a married man, the basic details about Scott Sakupwanya’s wife have not been provided including her identity, when they got married or whether or not he has any children.

Scott Sakupwanya’s background

Scott Sakupwanya, source: Gambakwe

Scott Sakupwanya was born 43 years ago in Mabvuku township, Harare and was raised in a humble background as a typical township boy.

When he was only 14 years old, Sakupwanya made the decision to quit school and begin hustling as he felt that school would take him a long time to make money and he didn’t want to spend many years in school before he could start making money.

He landed his first job as a gardener for a white couple who were involved in Gold mining. It wasn’t long before the ambitious Scott Sakupwanya was introduced to the Gold industry as a Gold courier whose assignment was to take the Gold to Fidelity Printers and Refiners.

His job as an errand runner was Scott Sakupwanya was his ultimate gateway to success as he explained that running errands enabled him to gain contacts and create connections in the Gold industry.

After gaining enough experience in the industry, Scott Sakupwanya set out to become his own man and after working hard for 25 years, he is now one of the richest gold buyers in the country with an estimated net worth of about USD30 million.

Scott Sakupwanya’s business deals

Scott Sakupwanya, source: ziMetro

Sakupwanya is the founder and CEO of  Better Brands Jewelry which is one of Zimbabwe’s largest gold aggregating companies. Better Brands Jewelry is currently the only company with a license to export gold from the country.. 

In addition to his Gold company, Scott Sakupwanya who was named the Best Gold Buyer of the Year at the inaugural annual Mining Industry Awards held at State House in Harare, is also the Chairperson of Zimbabwe’s Gold Buyers Association.

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