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Kelvin Kusikwenyu, commonly known as Killer T, is a Zimbabwean Born and award-winning artist based in Mbare. The Zimdancehall artist shone to fame with his popular song Makarova Ganaz. The songwriter was born on 10th January 1990 in Mbare.

In November 2015, Killer T took the internet with a storm after his alleged socialite girlfriend, Mitchell Kambanga tragically perished in a horror clash. 
Mitchell Kambanga, Mimi, was an 18-year old happy and fun-loving girl, as described by those who saw her alive. However, this young dream would be shattered in an unfortunate and fatal crash.

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According to sources, Mimi allegedly visited Mbare on Monday a few hours before the horrific accident where she hit an electricity power line with a Toyota Chaser along Gleneagles Road in Harare on her way back home that night.
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There were raised eyebrows and mixed reports amid her friends confession that Killer T had alleged assigned someone to monitor Mimi’s movements in the neighborhood.

Sources, however, said in separate interviews that Killer T and the deceased were seen in a Toyota Chaser owned by Killer T’s father. Killer T however denied these allegations, telling the press that Mimi was a fan of his music.

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He further added that she was avid follower who sometimes attended his shows. He said that he witnessed the accident as he was driving by, and as a Good Samaritan, phoned the police and took the girl to hospital.

Since then, various details have emerged concerning Mimi’s death, amidst claims that she was drunk when she met her death. Sources say that the underaged, intoxicated Mimi was allegedly drag racing with her alleged boyfriend when she lost control of her Toyota Chaser leading in her hitting the electric pylon. She was thrown out of the window due to the speed she was driving under and the car went ablaze.
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Mimi’s death leaves more questions than answers to her parents. According to the deceased’s mother, she left her daughter home as Mimi was not feeling well.

They would then receive a call from the police informing them that their daughter had died in a tragic accident, contrary to other claims that police officers accompanied Killer T to inform Mimi’s parents of her demise.

The parents also said that they did not now their daughter could drive.

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