How Audius Mtawarira Discovered Shasha

The man behind Shasha’s success

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A few years ago, Australian based musician Audius Mutawarira discovered songstress Charmaine Shamiso Mapimbiro who we would later know as Shasha….The queen of Amapiano.

Although Audius does not like to take credit for the songbird’s success, let’s take a look at how he discovered and helped the BET award winning artist.

Shasha’s story started from the dusty streets of Mutare to now winning international awards among them, BET gong for the best international act.

Her musical journey began way back in 2011 and it was her talent and powerful voice that caught many people's ears among them the legendary Audius Mtawarira.

Audius met Shasha who had been disowned by her parents for pursuing music as a career in Harare.

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Speaking in an interview with a local publication, Audius said Shasha’s circumstances drew him closer to her and he instantly saw her talent when he heard her voice.

“She was such a great singer. I could just hear it in her voice so I was attracted to her musicality,” Audius said.

He then mentored the bubbly young lady who showed nothing but dedication to her work.

The “If Only You Knew” hitmaker said he taught Shasha to be media savy, comfortable in front of the camera as well as being comfortable with her self-expression as an artist.

Evidently, Audius’s mentorship worked because Shasha evolved to become a very confident successful artist.

It was Audius who took Shasha to different radio stations and introduced her. As an upcoming artist, Shasha did several collaborations including the one she did with the late hip hop crooner Cal_vin.

Shasha’s success in Zimbabwe seemed to go slower so she relocated South Africa where her career blossomed.

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Her mentor Audius continued to help her by securing her with South Africa’s Universal Publishing contacts which helped her to meet individuals that would change her career. 

When asked about Audius during a GQ Magazine interview, Shasha said:

“Audius was not only my mentor, he was like a father to me. I guess the difference now is he is a proud father,” Shasha said.

Audius also share the same sentiments as he also revealed in an interview that he sees himself as a father figure to the young star.

2019 would be her big break as Shasha went on to work with prominent music producers like Dj Maphorisa NaakMusiq and Kabza de Small.

Her debut EP “Blossom” did so well that it catapulted her to the top earning herself the title 'Queen of Amapiano'

She also featured on different hit songs among them Samthing Soweto's “Aklaleki”.

The song became so popular and so did Shasha who started dominating South African music scene.

In 2020, she won a BET award for best International Act.
“ShaSha - I couldn’t take the credit. You always knew you were destined for greatness. It’s been a life blessing to watch you join the stars. Stay true little sis,” Audius said in response to her win.

With prestigious awards and hits under her belt, Shasha has managed to stay relevant by releasing hits year after year.

Her powerful voice and great stage performance sets her apart.


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