Everything You Wanted To Know About Passion Java's Ex Wife

How Sweet Is Marriage?

By  | May 12, 2022, 02:06 PM  | Relationships

A successful con man would be linked with a mix of controversy, a lot of money, a lovely house, a fine car, and a succession of strange miracles in most cases within this country and beyond the continent.

Despite all these “blessings” Passion Java has never shied away from controversy.

In his prime, he has had run-ins with singers, politicians, and unwitting social media users, resulting in many unholy words being exchanged between the Man of God and his unfortunate target.

Today we will get to know a little more about Passion Java’s ex wives and how their holy matrimony came to an unfortunate end.

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Passion Java's Ex Wife - Lily Tsegaye

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Lily Tsegaye is a Zimbabwean-Ethiopian woman best known as one of the ex wives of self-proclaimed prophet. Tsegaye, who comes from a wealthy family, met Passion Java years before they actually walked down the aisle. The two were introduced to each other at a conference in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2014.

 Passion Java and Lily remained friends over the years and would often share their different ideas and perspectives on various topics. Lily has often insisted that she had no part in Java's divorce from his first wife and has also repeatedly refused to comment on the prophet's extravagant lifestyle.

Their friendship seemed to bloom into a romantic relationship and Tsegaye married Java in 2016, in a lavish ceremony that took place in Jamaica.

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However, Passion Java and his wife Lily Tsegaye have reportedly called it quits after four years of marriage, according to social media reports. According to the prophet, Passion Java and his ex wife Lily have been separated for a year and have been living separately.

Lily Java was often been accused of being the lady who broke up Passion and Yasmin Java's marriage, but she has denied these claims, saying:

“Some people think I had something to do with his separation and eventual divorce. That is 100 percent false. But what I learnt in life is that people will always talk and create stories about you from the little information they have without asking to hear the complete story from all parties involved. But as long as I am clear and clean before God in that regard, I do not need human approval for i know who I am in Christ Jesus”

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Passion Java's Ex Wife - Yasmin Java

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Before saying 'I Do' to Lily Tsegaye, in February 2016, the prophet was previously married. His first marriage seemed to be one ordained by the lord because Passion Java's ex wife was also a servant of the lord - Prophetess Yasmin Java. During the course of their marriage Passion Java's ex wife gave birth to their son Uebert Java who they named after the prophet's spiritual father Uebert Angel.

Their marriage was good while it lasted however in late 2015 they decided to go their separate ways and Prophetess Yasmin became Passion Java's ex wife.

Do you think the self ordained prophet will give love another try?

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