Little Known Details About Ginimbi's Father, Mother, And Childhood

May his soul continue to rest well

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Known as the life of the party and king of soft life, Ginimbi was a young rich tycoon who defied all odds and followed his destiny to live the life he deserved.

While Ginimbi’s name was known across the country and his over-the-top life of luxury was admired by many, not much is known about his background, parents and siblings and this article is about that.

Here are all the little-known details about Ginimbi’s father, his mother, siblings, background, rise to wealth and fame, and sudden death that shook us.

Ginimbi’s father, mother and background

Ginimbi's father and sisters and ex-wife, source: Nehanda radio

Genius Kadungure, who later became famously known by his nickname- Ginimbi was born on the 10th of October 1984 in Domboshava located about 27 Km North of Harare.

He came from a family of four- two girls and two boys. His only brother Andrew passed on in 2019 and his mother Juliana Mubaiwa passed on in January 2020 following a long battle with cancer.

The late Ginimbi’s father is called Anderson Kadungure. Not much is known about him or the late businessman’s family as they are not in the limelight.

Sources indicate that Ginimbi didn’t have much formal education as he dropped out of school when he was only 17 years old to pursue his love for business.

He kickstarted his career as a gas middleman where he secured gas for home businesses. The young Ginimbi reportedly landed his first contract after his friend who worked at the Angolan Airways connected him to serious customers. He also followed up with his existing customers and it wasn’t long before he was making a fortune from his businesses.

Ginimbi’s rise to wealth and fame

The late Ginimbi, source: Instagram

After accumulating some profits from his work as a gas middleman, Ginimbi went on to start his own company called Pioneer Gases which supplied gas to companies, institutions and retailers.

As this business grew, Ginimbi bought Quick Gases in Botswana and Rivonia Gases. He also went on to form City Centre Freight and he operated all these businesses under the umbrella called PIKO Trading Group which he founded and was its CEO.

By the time he was 26 years old, Ginimbi had grown his fortune to become one of the richest young entrepreneurs in the country and he knew how to live up to this status.

Ginimbi quickly rose to fame and was known for his expensive tastes. He lived in a large opulent palace, drove some of the sleekest machines around, loved high fashion and only dressed in designer clothes, and also loved extravagant white parties. In 2010, he threw an all-white party that cost US$17,000 in his home.

In addition to his expensive tastes that highlighted his life, Ginimbi also dominated the headlines a couple of times for his troubles with the law. From fraud allegations to tax evasion and smuggling allegations, Ginimbi found himself in court several times to defend himself against such allegations.

Ginimbi’s death

Ginimbi died in a tragic car crash on the 8th of November 2020 after his Rolls Royce reportedly collided with another car then crashed into woods and erupted into flames. Ginimbi together with all the occupants of his car died on the spot.

Speaking after the death of his remaining son, Ginimbi’s father revealed that he and Ginimbi were not very close and they didn’t talk that much.

Following his death, the question of who would inherit his estate came up. Ginimbi’s father and his two sisters took his inheritance case to the high court for the court’s advice.

Since Ginimbi’s will lacked a valid signature, the judge ruled that Ginimbi had died intestate and therefore his father and his sister became legal heirs of his estate. 
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