Freeman’s Wife - How Much Do You Know About Her?


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Image of Freeman’s wife
Emegy Slyvester Chizanga, better known as Freeman HKD Boss, is a Zimdancehall artist who rose to prominence following the release of his single Joina City. Freeman HKD was born on June 22, 1989, in Bindura, Mashonaland Central Province, to a family of six. He grew up in Bindura and received his early education there. 

Freeman began his music career in 2009, when he released his first single, Unondipa Rudo, produced by WeMaNuff Nhubu. He was a professional footballer for Mwana Africa F.C. in the first division league before becoming a recording artist.

He also worked as a butcher boy in the Waterfalls area in the late 2000s. Freeman HKD continued to record tracks as an underground artist, including Unondipa Rudo, Ellen, Mapatya, Mhuka Nhatu, Murondatsimba, Handichakuda, and Ndoda.

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Freeman’s wife

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Since 2012, Freeman HKD has been married to Barbra Chinhema. According to tradition and his apostolic church rules, Freeman paid three beasts for his longtime sweetheart and an undisclosed amount to his in-laws in 2012. 

The couple has a child together. His name is Damien and he is aged three. Damien is now enrolled in ECD B at a nearby pre-school. According to Freeman, the reason he works hard is to provide a good life for Damien and Barbra. 

Chinhete and Freeman had dated for six years before they decided to get married.

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Freeman family on his marriage

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The marriage of Freeman and Chinhete excited Freeman's family. According to family members who are members of an apostolic church, the church requires couples to pay lobola before living together. 

Lobola is the provision of gifts to a bride's parents, usually in the form of cash or livestock, and is an established part of marriage in parts of Southern Africa. 

The family also stated that Freeman and Barbra's marriage was a good decision and that they are proud of them. The church was also pleased with them.

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Why Freeman’s family supports his marriage

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According to the family, several artists have succumbed to HIV and AIDS. However, because Freeman chose to settle down, he reduced his chances of contracting the disease. 

"Several artists have died as a result of HIV and AIDS." We're glad Freeman decided to settle down."

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Who is Barbra Chinhete

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Freeman’s wife Barbra Chinhete is a second born in a family of three and like Freeman, she is from Bindura. 

Chinhete is happy to have saved her husband Freeman from bachelorship. She claims to be the one who does Freeman's laundry, ironing, and cooking. She is also in charge of all housework. No amount of words can express how happy she is to be married to Freeman. 

Freeman is no longer washing, ironing and cooking for himself, but I am now the one who is doing all the house chores for him and I can’t express how happy I am to get married to my only husband,” Barbra said.

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