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Enzo Ishall, alias Stephen Kudzanai Mamhare, was born in Mabvuku Maternity Clinic in Mabvuku. He began writing songs while in primary school and discovered Dancehall music at the age of six. He realized that music would be his only way out as a child in order to face adversity.

He met with Fantan and Levels, the owners of Chill Spot Records, shortly after graduation. At the age of 15, he recorded his first song. His first single, "Chiita Kwacho," was published in 2018 and received positive feedback. With the release of "Kanjiva," which won numerous prizes and established him a household figure in the Dancehall scene, he earned global exposure.

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Where is Enzo Ishall's house located?

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The superstar has been very cagey about the location of his residence, as he has been able to keep it secret from the public eye. The location of his house is not known to the public.

Enzo Ishall's wife

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Before he became famous in the music industry, Enzo Ishall married Trish. They have a child together.

He claimed months later that he had separated from his wife and moved in with his parents after his wife assaulted him on Christmas Day (over a WhatsApp status he wrote). He confessed that she had always been abusive to him and would hit him on a daily basis because he had failed to pay her brideprice.

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Enzo Ishall filed for divorce in 2019 after his estranged wife, Trish, allegedly abused him. According to accounts at the time, Enzo was scolded by his wife for promoting his 50 Magate film on his WhatsApp status, which included photographs of wiggling ladies.

This did not sit well with his wife, who assaulted him. Enzo said his wife was "disrespectful, uncaring, refused to cook for him, adulterous, and denied him his conjugal rights" when asked why he left her. Enzo Ishall, on the other hand, had not paid the lobola or bride price for his wife.

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Other information on Enzo Ishall

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When he graduated from high school, he met up with Chillspot's owners, Fantan and Levels, but he took his time getting recognized since he wanted to learn more about the industry before taking over.

Because he used to live in Sunningdale, which is adjacent to Mbare, where Chillspot located, the Stallion fell in love with dancehall music when he was six years old.

In 2018, Enzo released his first single, Chiita Kwacho, which received a lot of attention from fans and quickly became a hit.

Chill Spot Records is a well-known producer of Zimdancehall and reggae music. The award-winning music production studio is credited for helping the Zimdancehall music genre expand and gain prominence. It has composed music for a number of Grammy Award winners.

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Enzo Ishall has only been in the spotlight for slightly over three years, but he has swiftly established himself as the most sought-after Zim dancehall performer. We can only speculate where he will be in ten years if he continues on his current course, since this young man is destined for greatness.

Enzo is live proof that age is just a number, not a determining factor in success. He has become one of the most famous Zim dancehall artists at the age of 26. Enzo has worked extremely hard in compared to other Zimbabwean artists who have had to work for many years in order to get the much-needed exposure.

This Zim dancehall musician has become a phenomenon after winning the best video award in the 2018 Coca-Cola Top 50 Awards in his first year as an artist.

Many people work hard without ever getting an award, but Enzo has demonstrated that things may be done differently.

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