Real Reason Andy Muridzo Hates Jah Prayzah

He can’t stand him

By  | May 26, 2022, 11:46 AM  | Andy Muridzo  | Relationships

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For the past couple of years, musician Andy Muridzo has been vocal about his feelings towards his rival Jah Prayzah.

He has made it clear that he despises the award winning artist who he once praised and adored. But what really happened?

Recently, Andy opened up about his relationship with his former label mate Jah Prayzah in an interview on The Denny J show.

He labelled Jah Prayzah a selfish guy who grabbed all the anticipated collaborations with international artistes leaving other label members with nothing.

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"At MTM the tall guy (Jah Prayzah) took everything. He took all the collaborations in a bid to better himself alone. What are we supposed to do as your people and your children if you are taking everything? 

“When Harmonise came, it was supposed to be me doing a song with him. I was ready but when I got to the studio, I was shocked when I was told that he was going to do the song instead. After everything happened, I came to believe that MTM was created to scuttle my progress. Everything I did at MTM was a total flop and its only Emma that I did with Jah Prayzah which went on top,” Andy said.
“Everybody had told me it wasn't a good idea joining MTM, even my managers did so but they couldn't stop me as their boss. When everything went to him, when he took all the collaborations and the accolades that's when I realised I had made a mistake.

“It came to a point where I was emotional and realised we were being used. I then decided to leave the stable. I was ready even if they took me to court for breach of contract," he added.

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To refresh your memory, Andy entered the music scene with a copycat label weighing heavily on his shoulders and got a good share of criticism.
When he released “Pakubuda Kwezuva” and “Ngarizhambe”, he had a similar sound to that of Jah Prayzah and he was automatically presented as a direct rival to Jah Prayzah.

Andy however admitted to taking inspiration from Jah Prayzah by virtue of growing up in the same neighbourhood in Uzumba.

Both artists grew up in Uzumba and attended the same school at Mushanhi secondary school. Jah Prayzah's music teacher then noticed Muridzo and influenced the christening of the name ‘Andy Muridzo'.

After his discovery, Andy Muridzo was able to release a number of hits as an independent artist which topped radio chats.

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In January 2017, a music label dubbed Military Touch Movement (MTM) was set up.

Andy joined the movement which housed Nutty O, DJ Tamuka and ExQ, Daniel Chiweda and Tahle WeDzinza, led by Jah Prayzah.

Critics found it strange that he would sign up for his great rival’s label but a haughty and obstinate Muridzo insisted that the move was going to bear fruits that will take him to international stardom.

From the outside, it looked like Jah Prayzah created the movement but Andy has made sensational revelations that a well-resourced Jah Prayzah hijacked MTM, a brain child of ExQ.

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"MTM was ExQ's idea, but Jah Prayzah was well resourced at that time. He had studio equipment we then used to set up everything. He made us believe that there was no way we could buy equipment yet he owned a studio," he said.
Despite having high hopes, MTM allegedly did very little, if anything, to deliver on its promises to the “Dherira” hit-maker.

“Not a single thing I was promised on the contract has been fulfilled. Actually, Jah Prayzah wants all the good things for himself. He is not willing to assist others and is not a saint as most of you imagine him to be,” Andy revealed at the time.

It was clear that there was discord in the label and in June 2020, Jah Prayzah announced the closure of MTM and the termination of all record deals associated with the label.

"I would want to let the whole of Zimbabwe and other global music lovers who have been following our journey that it is now time I let these superstars go out there to conquer the world in music and I have so much confidence in their ability to do so.

I have done my part in putting in the little resources I had at that time but I do feel the artists have outgrown the label and though it is painful, I feel it is the right time to release them and also terminate all contracts that were in place," he wrote on Facebook.

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Andy says he no longer sees eye to eye with Jah Prazyah whom he described as ‘greedy'.

"As much as he is my uncle, and family matters but to him its money that matters. We don't talk anymore and I have tried to call him but I was shut out and that doesn't bother me anymore. I have moved on and re-building my name. I don't wish to work with him again," he said.
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