Plot Mhako Tells Artists To Hustle Harder

Hopefully they heard him.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Plot Mhako 

The past few months has seen Zim artists going to perform in South Africa. This past week alone saw artists like Freeman, Judgement Yard and Enzo Ishall performance in the land South of the Limpopo. This has prompted journalist and Jibilika founder, Plot Mhako to read some form of riot act as he challenged local artists to up their hustle when they go to perform in South Africa.

Mhako questioned the artists if their performances at clubs were enough and suggested they link up with other artists from that side.

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Mhako said, "Artists going to SA for gigs, don't just end in clubs. Connect and work with the local music scene and media."

His sentiments attracted similar perspectives from fellow artists who concurred with him. Shayzar took a dig on the local artists are ignorant of the actual industry.

South Africa based producer Shingi "Shayzar" Zimanyi said, "(They) can't because they do not understand the actual music industry and how it functions."

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Another artist Noble Stylz mentioned the lack of proper documentation as a barrier for most artists to act professional.

The rapper said, "They are performing with no work permits so they can't/ shouldn't access the mainstream media promoting a gig vanoswera vasungwa dhanzi rakavharwa."

Another interesting comment came from Michael Mupotaringa said, "SA is not that easy. Most bars I have seen local artists perform are owned by other Zimbabweans as opposed to South Africans. Up to now there are very few cross features (between our artists) yet we are neighbours. That should be reflective of the relationship."

In recent times, Cape Diem in Sandton has been hosting most local artists and for the past few weeks there has been a lineup of Zimbabwe artists. Maybe the promoters and artists should hid the thoughts that Plot shared.

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