Mudiwa Continues To Give Back And Issues A Challenge

Well done Mudiwa!

By  | Nov 24, 2020, 04:02 PM  | Mudiwa Hood 

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The country's biggest gospel hip-hop act is never one to shy away from the spotlight and acts that praise God. Although Mudiwa Hood doesn't always post it on social media, he has always been big on giving back.

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Earlier this there was a school headmaster from a private school in the Harare area who was accused of stealing maize. As the story went viral on social media, Mudiwa quickly stepped in to assist. He started a campaign that raised over $10 000 ZWL, $165 USD and various other groceries to assist the headmaster. In recent times he was giving lectures on financial planning at higher learning institutions across the country.

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This past week Mudiwa was driving around town when several homeless children approached his car asking him for help. Mudiwa took the initiative on this occasion to do more than giving them a few dollars. Mudiwa parked his car and took the four homeless kids shopping for new clothes and then sat with them for lunch at Chicken Inn.

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Parts of the occasion were live streamed on his Instagram page and the video was saved there. Mudiwa went on to challenge the public to do random acts of kindness, in his post he wrote:

"While on my way home i made new friends.... What happened today makes me so happy to be alive.

I have done so many things i choose not to post, this past week i paid fees for so many varsity students...This is challenge, let love lead i posted because we need this spirit to lead us in Zimbabwe

I was driving past cnr 1st and Kwame while in Kwame road when few kids (homeless) ran to my car “mukoma mukoma tine nzara", they looked at my car and assumed i cud help... they were not wrong... to their surprise i gave them the shock of their lives.

I reversed my car and parked it, then i took 4 of them for shopping. These are minors who are barely 10... bought them shoes, tops, tracksuits, jacket and decided to take them for a cool meal at Chicken Inn which was near... they said they had never been in that outlet ever

Now I want to start a challenge called #DoGoodForNoReason
Ladies and Gentlemen... i need you to go help a stranger in whatever city you are in, take a picture and post it, use the hashtags!! let the devil and his mother in law cry... we will not look backwards...let us grow a culture of love and help others and change other peoples lives....


Mudiwa is currently promoting his latest novel which is titled Shut Up And Make Money. He also announced that he would be releasing a book soon and a documentary.

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