Legislators In Support For Zim Artists

Legislators In Support For Zim Artists

Sep 24, 2019, 09:00 AM

Youth, Sport and Arts ministry secretary Thokozile Chitepo expressed how alarmed they are with regards to the treatment artists in Zimbabwe are receiving, because of the lack of strong laws which protect them.

The ministry reckons that artists suffer poor standards of living because of the weak laws which are failing to protect their intellectual rights.

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They also allege that the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation owed creatives over $1 million in royalties. They spoke before the Mathias Tongofa-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Youth, Sport and Arts to speak on her ministry’s 2020 budget proposals.

Laws that deal with artists are being handled by the Justice ministry instead of the Youth, Sport and Arts ministry, hence the neglect of their rights and protection from unfortunate occurrences such as piracy and many others. Ministers have no control of intellectual property laws as they are administered by the Justice ministry.

She also emphasized the importance of helping artists such as Jah Prayzah who employ people despite the belief that you need a certain qualification to do so.

“People think that for one to be employed, they need to acquire a degree. No one knows how many people Jah Prayzah employs, but he is a big employer, yet there is lack of co-ordination of this particular Act.”

The ministry further added, "I believe that if the Act is superintended over by your ministry, it will improve the welfare of artists, who are key to the economy."

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