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Is there anyone he hasn't collaborated with?!

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Jah Prayzah 

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Over the past years, Jah Prayzah has collaborated with various artists from Zimbabwe and beyond. Together, he and his peers have managed to come up with songs that have had us dancing until we could no longer feel our feet. But does this man Jay Prayzah is only at his best when he's working with others? 

Let's take a look:

One of Jah Prayzah first collaborations was with Sanator Vibes in 2013 on a track titled “Ndakuda”. Although this song was not quite a hit, it was amongst the first collabos that Jah Prayzah ever did. 

In the same year Jah Prayzah collaborated with Freeman on a track titled “Sarura wako”, which was not really groundbreaking for Jah Prayzah. Following these two sketchy collaborations he did not lose hope, but rather worked closely with other musicians to make juicy songs that we have danced to over the years.

Some of Jah Prayzah's most notable collaborations include “Kure kure”, a track he sang with Ammara Brown, “Yambuka rukova”, a collabo with Progress Chipfumo, “Sisiriya” a track he sang together with Tuku and “Pahukama” a duet with EX-Q. These songs were very popular within the Zimbabwean populace. They made him extremely famous as they showed his ability to work with artists of different genres and produce melodies so sweet to the ear.

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Regionally, Jah Prayzah has worked with many artists with recognisable success. Notable collabos include “My Lilly”, a song he sang alongside Davido, one of Africa’s greatest contemporary musicians.

“Sendekera", is a collaboration he engaged in with Mafikizolo, “Nziyo yerudo”, a track he sang with Yemi Alade and “Poporipo” a duet with Diamond Platnumz. These collaborations were much appreciated by Jah Prayzah’s loyal fans.

What we might consider to be his best regional collaboration is “Watora mari” another song that Jah Prayzah sang with Diamond Platnumz. This song was so popular that it helped Jah Prayzah break into African music. Its quality was so exceptional that the video is still being played on Sound City music channel to date.

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Internationally, Jah Prayzah is still trying to get it together but he still has some notable notches on his belt. His collaboration with Luciano on the track “Roots” was well received in 2015. He went on to sing “Angel Lo” with Jah Cure, a track that was met with mixed feelings last year. Despite, there being a few critics on the song we found it creative and soothing to the soul.

These collaborations on a local, regional and international level have assisted Jah Prayzah’s music in travelling around the world. Do you think 2019 will hold more for him?

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