Jah Prayzah takes a Shot at Mr Amuli

Shots fired

By  | Dec 03, 2020, 08:22 AM 

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In recent times Jah Prayzah, arguably the most popular artist in Zimbabwe has repeatedly been in the firing line. Whether it is from fans, journalists like Hopewell Chin'ono or a grieving father.

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The Uzumba native has received little respite but it seems that hasn't killed his own sense of humour. Jah Prayzah has taken a jibe at the late Michelle "Moana" Amuli's father in a new video posted by H Metro. The artist is seen laughing and saying "no I did not ask permission from her father" which was in reply to being asked if he had asked for permission from Lucy Tichayana's father, who is the young lady featured in his latest video.

The video for Mwana waMambo premiered this week and Lucy Tichayana is featured as the on-screen talent, a role Michelle "Moana" Amuli once occupied while still alive. Moana appeared in Jah Prayzah's video for Munyaradzi which was released earlier this year. The statement about not asking Lucy's father for permission was a direct shot at Moana's father. Only just a week ago Ishmael Amuli, Moana's father had complained about Jah Prayzah's conduct.

Ishmael Amuli revealed that Jah Prayzah came to give condolences at Moana's funeral but he never reached out to him. He simply saw others and never asked where was Moana's father. Mr Amuli revealed that on the occasion Jah Prayzah came to the funeral he was actually there and heard that Jah Prayzah had come but he never saw him. Mr Amuli went on to say that Jah Prayzah should've asked for his blessing before featuring Moana in his music video. He said if it was innocent and proper then he would've approved and everything would've been above board.

Social media users from all walks of life have over the past weeks have been at odds over the drama involving Moana's family. Many were in support of Mr Amuli but they didn't back him up on his comments relating to Jah. Everyone agreed that it didn't make sense for Jah to seek parental approval to employ someone to appear in his video.

Speaking on the just-released visuals for Mwana waMambo, Jah Prayzah said the video illustrates the struggles of a young man who wishes to marry the King’s daughter yet he is not from royal bloodlines. Love pushes him to defy the ODDS and as they say, True love always wins.

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