Inagural ZimBrit Awards Were A Success!

Zimbabweans were hailed in the UK

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM 

Zimbabweans abroad were celebrated this week at the first-ever edition of the ZImbabwe British Entertainment Awards in London.

The awards ceremony, which aims to celebrate black Zimbabwean talent based in the UK, was put together by a group of expats from Zimbabwe who made it a mission to celebrate our talent abroad. Kudzai Chipadza, the organiser, said to the press:

“Expat artists are always up against it. They compete with local artists from back home, yet they service the needs of the black community here in the UK. They hardly qualify for awards back home and they are not recognised that much there, but they contribute so much into communities here in the UK, performing and entertaining at UK events.”

He also added in a statement:

“Our awards are a pioneering event which looks to bring people together, celebrate them, but more importantly give birth to a new culture among Zimbabweans in the UK. A culture where we celebrate our own people, honour them, and support them"

DJ Mel, whose real name is Mel Chihera, was among one of the big winners on the night. She expressed her delight when she said:

“I appreciate the award. It means a lot to me. But from here its back to work. I have bookings this coming weekend and I intend to put on a show and keep striving for the best. The industry is tough and male-dominated. All these ladies who were nominated are doing amazing work,”

The event was sponsored by money transfer service Mukuru who explained why they funded the awards:

“We believe this seed will continue to grow and offer opportunities for different sectors to work together, fostering oneness in our Zimbabwean community.”

Do you think that next year will see this awards franchise grow even bigger?

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