Famo Writes A Ballad For Genius

Famo sends his love.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Gerald "Famo" Makuvaza 

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Many Zimbabwean youths have admirations for affluent people like Wicknell Chivayi and Genius Kadungure. In this regard, most youths tend to come up with interesting pieces of art in celebration of these rich and affluent folks. Alumni Gang's Famo has written a love ballard to Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure admiring his lavish lifestyle and riches. 

The rapper born, Gerald Makuvaza, said that he admires how Ginimbi has become part of the lives of many Zimbabweans through his lifestyle. 

"I like successful people because they motivate me. In this song I impersonated Ginimbi and the whole song is not about me. I was trying to imagine how he lives his life and express my love for the help way he lives. It is just me expressing love to Ginimbi," said Famo.

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Famo also expressed his hope that Ginimbi hears the song and probably likes it.

He said, "I hope that Ginimbi hears my song and it will be great if he likes it. I hope that he will enjoy my music as much as I enjoy his lifestyle."

Meanwhile, Famo said that he was going to drop a video of his song titles True Friend.

"I will be dropping a new video for True Friend and it will be second video in two months. The song has been doing well in the streets so I am hoping that everyone else will be drawn to it with the video." Famo said.

Famo said that he hoped to one day perform in the famous Club Sankayi with his Alumni Gang. He has worked with producers who include Sly, Anobzi Xnder and Marz on the beat and is currently working on an untitled EP which also carries the song Ginimbi.

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