“How Should I Dress?” - Sandra Ndebele Asks Fans

Should she change her dressing?

By  | May 30, 2022, 12:52 PM  | Sandra Ndebele  | Fashion

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Sandra Ndebele’s dressing has been a topical issue for over a couple of years. 

The voluptuous Bulawayo-bred songstress is usually seen donning some skimpy outfits which have garnered a lot of critique.

Now Sandra is reaching out to her fans, asking them on how she should dress when performing.

The talented entertainer who is famous for her gyrating dance moves and skimpy traditional costumes said she wants to rebrand in an effort to resurrect her career.
In the past, Sandra Ndebele appeared unfazed in the face of criticism over her dressing however now she wants to understand what appeals to most of her fans.

“My issue is like this, I want to ask a simple question to all of you, and I need honest answers. What do you want me to do (lifuna ngenzeni)?” Sandy said to her fans during a live on Facebook.

She continued, “There was a time when I was young and still new in the industry, I used to wear sexy small dresses or skirts and people would judge me and say ngigqoke isgcebhezana (it’s too short) and some said I dress half-naked.

“Now that I have grown up, I now dress decent and some are saying I am over dressed, now I have a bit of a confusion.

“So, from you guys I need honest answers that will make the brand Sandra Ndebele grow. Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking of rebranding.
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“Please feel free to tell me what you expect of me, even if it’s a bad thing don’t worry, I don’t take things seriously.”
Sandra’s question was met with many but different opinions

Most of her fans and followers encouraged the songstress just to be herself and not worry too much about what other people think.

However, some other fans called for her to embrace modesty, while others called for the opposite.

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Chance Billkeys Angel wrote,

“The decision is yours dear. Are you a half-naked girl or an overdressed one. But the thing remains, what gives you confidence to make your Brand grow.”

 Debbie Dee Mandy commented, 

“Mina I’d say wear whatever you are comfortable with as long as it won’t take away your dignity. Remember you live for yourself not for people.”

Eva Lioness said,

“Dance like you used to do, have shows and dress like you used to and collaborate with Makhadzi u will make a great team one album will be great.”

 Duduzile Dudu Masuku said,

 “In life if go by what people say you will never make it…you need to do yourself. yes dress in modesty in a way that makes you feel comfortable sis.”

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Nozithelo Mabhubhuzile Moyo said,

“Modesty and decent kodwa do u gogo.”

Tamara Patience, on the other hand, said;

“As a woman dress according to where you’re going like mina if I am going to church I dress decent not because of its church, no just for isimilo. Same again I dress decent when I am around abantu abadala like my inlaws and parents…. I am a tall lady so I wear long dress ngoba kuyangifanela.

"I do wear shorts mini things but with my age now I wear them according to the occasion. Like bum short I do wear them if ngino muntu wami indoors not out doors ….. So for me dress what makes feel comfortable okuhambelana nomzimba wakho.”

Now tell us! What do you think Sandra Ndebele should wear and how should she dress to revive her career.

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