5 Style Lessons We Have Learnt from Pokello

She got swag

By  | May 26, 2022, 08:49 AM  | Pokello Nare  | Fashion

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She calls herself the queen of Swagger! She holds a unique appeal, merging life as a mother of 2 with a with a stellar social media presence.

Pokello Nare is the ultimate femme fatale.  Her iconic style has arguably attracted a more passionate following than any other socialite in the country. She has become a media powerhouse and a trailblazer in fashion industry.

Here are five style lessons from the shoe designer’s personal style and her fashion creations that we can incorporate into our wardrobes.
Be Bold!
Being bold is a terrifying idea for most of us. A lot of us like to use our clothes to blend in, hide our differences and show that we belong but Pokello teaches us that the fear of “standing out” is not a good enough reason to hide yourself. If there’s something bold about you, embrace it and flaunt it. Be proud of what makes you stand out and try to stand out further if possible. Face a fear that is solely based on other people’s opinions and start listening to yours.
Don’t define your style
This fashionista cannot be put into one box. She changes it up. She can pull off girly, tomboy and classic looks. She doesn’t stick to just one style but tries and loves them all, not allowing anyone or herself to box her into one fashion category. From casual looks to her red carpets gowns, Pokello keeps her style versatile. On her lazy day, you can catch the mom of two in her boyfriend jeans and sometimes some sweats. She likes rocking both nudes and bold colours. Try going outside of your definition and embrace a completely complicated you.
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. 
Accessorizing is all about balance, and Pokello knows the right accessories to make the most basic outfit look glam. She could be wearing the exact same clothes we have seen, but how she pulls her look together makes the look entirely different. Pokello doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery but her favorite piece to accessorize her looks is a good bag. You will always see the influencer with a statement bag to complete her look. Sometimes she will even throw in some shades, a scarf or a hat for an extra zhuzh. Pokello also loves accentuating her waist with a belt and she is always donning a watch which adds elegance to her look. Invest in nice accessories to make your basic outfits pop out more. Earrings, bracelets, scarfs, hats, belts, brooches and handbags among many other accessories will definitely elevate your look.
Be comfortable
Pokello teaches us that you have to dress to your maximum comfort level, no matter what that is. If you feel comfortable with some glammed up makeup and a fancy jumpsuit, you wear it. If you feel comfortable in baggy pants and oversized shirts you wear that too. You should be comfortable enough in your fashion choice to answer the question “Why are you wearing that?” with “Because I wanted to.”
Let your shoes do the talking
We obvious can’t talk about Pokello without talking about shoes. She loves shoes so much that she created her own shoe line called Pink Bottoms- addicted to shoes. The entrepreneur never misses when it comes to her shoes. She could be wearing the most basic outfit but her shoes will definitely stand out. So on those days when you are not feeling your outfit, let your shoes shine.
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